My first KAL

I’m a 2nd waver! I’m joining the 2nd wave of Clapotis knitters at I already have my yarn – burning a hole in my press for the past few weeks. And I’ve finally got through my deadline WIPs – well almost (finishing touches to sister’s bag & stole needed this evening before going over there to present presents. I’m cutting it fine!) so my knitting schedule is clear. Okay, I have to remind myself before I get too carried away, I still have to wind my hanks into balls – BY HAND!

I’m more than a bit nervous about giving sister the bag & stole I designed and knit as presents – thank goodness I have another gift, something I know she wants too. The bag design was a bit complex and really she’s getting a very initial and, consequently, very flawed, prototype. I hope she appreciates that she’s the inspiration behind the design and perhaps she’ll be happy to accept a revised & improved version for Christmas.

The stole hasn’t turned out as well as I’d hoped either, though possibly most of my negativity towards it is due to how much of a pain it was to knit. It’s a bit 70’s and not necessarily in a good way. Plus, I’m still undecided as to whether I should seam it permanently into a poncho or leave it altogether as a stole or try to work out a fixing with some ribbon & buttons that would offer flexibility either way.

I must try to remember to either take photos of both before I drive over to her or bring along the camera to photo it modeled. Purely, so that I can add images here… All words makes blog a dull read!


2 Responses to “My first KAL”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Are you saying you designed the bag and stole yourself? Because that’s impressive, if they turned out looking like what they are supposed to be at all!
    (Can you tell I’ve never even tried to design something?)

  2. undermeoxter Says:

    My first comment! Thanks Bridget!
    Yes, I designed both – see next post for visuals of each. The bag was from scratch using graph paper to make a 3d model, ha ha!
    For the stole I combined a few differnt ideas for shapes, proportions and stitch patterns I found on the internet.
    I intend to create a blog page for the stole pattern so anyone can have it, but I need to work on the bag pattern a bit more, knit a modified version perhaps, before I can “go public” with it.

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