She loved them!

My first outing as knitwear designer has been a success! It’s amazing what a few buttons can do, but I felt a lot better about both items after fixing on the final finishing touches. But most importantly, she loved them and was quite tickled by the fact that she (and her favourite colour) were the raison d’etre for both. Mind you, she laughed rather a bit too heartily when I repeated DH’s comment in relation to the stole – that it’s a bit 3000BC – but she says she loves how soft it is.

 As previously advertised some photos:

That 70's stole


That 70’s stole:

I’m still going to see if I can do something with a bit of ribbon to give the optional poncho fixing – the drape makes it gape!

Twist for sis


The twist-o-lime: 

I still have a lot to learn about felting – not sure if this is “done” enough.

Most importantly, I was feeling all down in the dumps about knitting in general yesterday – the pressure of knitting to (and missing) a deadline had sucked all the joy out of it. Now that my debut has been a success I’m back to being euphoric again – I should probably see someone about that!!! 


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