New Beginnings

Well for one thing, I cast on my clapotis last night – bold girl that I am and have progressed to the first set of increase rows…

close up of cast-on

1st ball - hand woundI am enjoying it so much! I’ve been looking forward to doing it for so long – ever since I took up the needles again in April this year and saw them talking about it on the website for my favourite yarn shop “This is Knit” in Blackrock.

There’s a lot more green in the yarn than I expected, but knit up it’s not as apparent. It’s playing with me!

I’m purling the stitches that will be dropped – it makes it so easy to count the rows for one thing – but I’m leaving the markers in for now. I find them a bit of a pain to work with – they keep popping off. If I get more confident in the pattern later I might find myself doing without.

I am also looking forward to getting cracking (next week, I think) on my kimono set for “Periwinkle” – the Harvey Kimono along with the beanie, booties and mittens, all from Louisa Harding’s book “Natural Knits for Babies & Mums” and all to be in Rowan Tapestry. I bought the yarn to swatch up to see if two strands worked together would give me the guage I needed to sub for Rowan Polar. It didn’t, but I fell in love with the yarn in the meantime and had to find something else to do with it!

Other beginnings bring endings: today is my DD’s last day in her creche. She starts school next Thursday. I can’t believe how much she’s grown – and in so many ways. I’m glad now that she didn’t get a place last year and that she’s over five starting school. The past year has really stood to her in how mature she is and how well she’ll be able to cope.


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