One month on…

Wow, can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve been on here. So much has happened and so much has not!…

For starters, SIL had a baby girl Tuesday morning – by elective c-section, two weeks early. On the other hand, our little mite (due the same day) has not arrived and isn’t expected to until a few days after the due date of 8th October. With that “confirmed”, we’ve decided that we should chance going to the wedding in West Cork on the 6th. I had a ball at the hen weekend in Clonakilty – a month ago now – and we had the best weather of the summer as a bonus on Inchydonny beach.

 I sort-of finished work, in that I’m meant to be on maternity leave but since the people I’ve spent all summer chasing to tie-up loose ends at the library have only recently decided to play ball I’ve still got to meet them tomorrow. Argh! But… on the other hand: we now have Internet at home – hurray! Hence I’m up in the middle of the night blogging when I should be sleeping. Other big (non-knitting) news… DD has started school and is loving it! She’s already getting in trouble with the teacher however – going to turn out like her mother I suspect, oops!

Knitting-wise a lot been happening lately. The following items graduate to FO status:

1. Harvey Kimono in Rowan Tapestry with matching beanie, booties, mits and even stuffed cat toy. I still have just under two skeins left, even though I did a tot and was sure I was only ordering what I needed. Not like me to have yarn leftover, usually I run out, and I’m not sure what to do with the extra skeins.

2. Baby balero, from One Skein, also with matching beanie and booties, and all in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. The irony was, I ran out of yarn on the “one skein” balero halfway through the second sleeve! Anyway, got another ball, finished it off and did some booties to match, using up the remaining 2nd skein. These have been packed in the labour section of my hospital bag, to be a first outfit for Periwinkle. I expect the balero to only fit for a few hours, it’s that tiny! The kimono set is in my main hospital bag, cat toy and all – waiting for hugs.

 3. I finally completed a version of “my so-called scarf” using three skeins of Debbie Bliss SoHo. I tried this pattern before and fell foul of the slipped stitch when I had to work backwards. I knit it with eight stitches more than the pattern called for without thinking through that this would shorten it. It is just-about able to tuck both ends into my coat so I think I’ll leave it be. I have three more skeins of SoHo in a different colour so I might try it again with the original no of CO sts. Or I might search around for something else that looks well in SoHo.

4. Ellie Cardigan from Rowan Junior for DD – I substituted Crystal Palace Iceland Print for the Rowan Polar the pattern called for. The colour is called Circus and it’s a lot of fun. Just need to get buttons and it’s done.

The only WIP I’ve got on the needles is the Clapotis. I’ve decided to have it ready for the wedding so it’s full steam on that and will try not to be distracted. 

My really big knitting news is that Magknits confirmed today that they’re going to publish my pattern for the neckwarmer in their November issue. Hurray! I can’t believe I was so cheeky and full of myself to have submitted it in the first place and I fear I’m going to be a bit embarrassed at how it’s received. But for now I’m ecstatic. This is probably the incentive I need to just sit down and write out the pattern for the revised version I knit of the bag for sis. That might be a future submission, maybe…


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