Me Stash!

Lets be clear: my stash makes me uncomfortable. It’s like a dear friend you’ve invited to a party that you know knows no-one else there. You get busy and forget about it every-so-often and then you remember that it needs you, or you find something for it to do, so you can forget about it for a while again. Generally I try to make sure I buy yarn only with a specific project in mind. For example, here are some recent deliveries…

Blue Sky Alpacas for my Tomato…

It was easy to pick this purple (Thistle) for my main colour but I ordered a skein each of Pickle, Pumpkin and Orchard to try to decide on the contrast colour. Pickle got the unanimous vote from DH & me. Which leaves me with a conundrum – what to do with the other two skeins…

Handmaiden Silken times two for two Tuscanys…

I got Rosegarden (left) and Bronze (right) with Christmas presents for my MIL and mother in mind (respecitively). But I’m surprized by how much brown there is in the bronze – I know how stupid that sounds considering the colour’s name but it didn’t look quite so brown on the website. Brown is really not one of my mothers colours so I may have to have a rethink here (or order more? hmmm….! not sure if my budget could take it)

Crystal Palace Iceland Print for the Snuggle…

I found this yarn while searching for a sub for Rowan Polar (for the Ellie Cardi for DD) and discovered they have a colour called Periwinkle so I just had to have it for the Snuggle pattern that’s been knocking around my head for the past few months. It really should be my next cast-on, assuming I ever want Periwinkle to wear it! The contrast colour is Kelim. I don’t think I ordered enough, so will have to do some deep thinking about the stitch pattern etc to make sure it stretches far enough for what I have in mind.

Tivoli Woolblend Aran for Chaos from Knitty for DS…

I’ve had this huge 400g skein for ages. I really love this pattern but poor DS has been pushed down in priorty due to WhIPs (i.e. WIPs w/ deadlines) and Clapotis etc. Poor guy – he loves when I’m knitting something for him. However, I am facing a bit of a maths challenge to resize the pattern for him as a three-year-old – this is something I’ve never done before.

Various Sock Yarn…

I will probably use the Opal (on the left) for Devan also from Knitty and also probably for DS. But I have to find some yarn for the back. This is a 2008 project (after Tomato). I think the blue/green would be great for Pomatomus – these have been on my lust list since I first clapped eyes on them. But the purple yarn (centre) is dedicated to my first socks ever which will be for DH and probably a very basic pattern.

So that brings me to my non-dedicated stash – single skeins I bought just to see the colours / feel the yarn in the flesh but now don’t know what to do with it. I want to do Knitty’s Hip in Hemp skirt for my neice but wasn’t sure about what four colours would be good together – turns out these four (Rose, Sage, Turquoise and Cool Blue) don’t!

However, this evening I discovered the KAL for Argosy and that’s done with two skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy – huzzah! Suddenly I want to knit an Argosy and join another KAL!

Then there’s these babies…


I want to knit a chunky tweed coat from Debbie Bliss for myself and got two hanks of the prescribed wool (Donegal Chunky Tweed), to check out the colours, and one hank of Big Kureyon, to see if it would be a good sub as I think I’d prefer something more variagated. Then, also today, I noticed that people are checking out my Free Patterns page and I realised I still haven’t written out the pattern for That 70’s Stole. That must be really fustrating for people and I feel bad. I think I could use these three skeins to work out the “Stole-a-weigh” element of the pattern further, perhaps. Or I’ll do something from Weekend Knits, perhaps…

Check out these beauties from my favourite LYS This is  

From the top down it’s Patagonia by Araucania (shade 204); Scrumptious by Fyberspates Yarn (Fiesta) and Shepherd Worsted by Lorna’s Laces (Lakeview). The LL might become the cabled footsies from One Skein but I’ve no idea what to do with the other two. I need gloves though… And then there’s the three skeins of SoHo by Debbie Bliss that I originally bought with My So-called Scarf in mind. Having made one I’m not that pushed to go again, but what else would be good for this interestsing yarn???

So I don’t have much stash in comparison to what others seem to have accumulated but it feels out-of-control to me. Time for a new schedule I think, so that I can feel the cosmos slip back into line again.

In other news (ish) after last night’s wearying efforts of doing battle with photobucket I’ve signed up for Flikr and am giving it a test drive for this post. As we say to DS “It’s a Winner!” So much faster and easier to upload photos (I love the way the little pink bar moves accross the file name as it’s uploading). And the photos download here so much quicker to. New task for “to do list” – transfer all photos currently in Photobucket to Flickr and have done with it!


2 Responses to “Me Stash!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Just take note of the 200 pic limit on Flickr if you weren’t planning on spending any bucks to upgrade your account.

    Your stash is completely drool worthy! I think I might need to rethink what I’m buying since it doesn’t look half as pretty as yours does, hehe.

  2. undermeoxter Says:

    The 10 photos above used 6% of my monthly allowance for memory, so I was feeling fairly confident that I wouldn’t run out but I hadn’t appreciated there was a max no. of photos allowed… for all time. That changes things somewhat.

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