Status – quoi?

My Raverly Status… = Stash!

  • You signed up on September 25, 2007
  • You are #36264 on the list.
  • 15383 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 1831 people are behind you in line.
  • 54% of the list has been invited so far

Yes, I think I really need this. It looks like it’s right up my alley for organising my schedule for future cast-ons and researching WIPs. Just as well DH has organised some easy chairs for the room the computer’s in, or he’d never see me!

Clapotis Status… = FO!

  • I finished knitting it last night
  • This afternoon I weaved in all ends, dropped all stitches and decided against blocking it, per se
  • Opted for steam ironing the corners to stop the curling & make it more rectangular
  • All ready to wear it the THE wedding this Saturday, hopefully the outfit I have to go with it will be okay…

Periwinkle’s Status… = WIP!

  • 39 weeks a-growing yesterday (Doesn’t this look ridiculous…?)
  • Not fitting into most trousers at this stage – these are the only ones that are still comfortable i.e. they don’t keep rolling underneath
  • Last check-up: head not engaged – just sitting on the rim of pelvis
  • Next check-up: not until Tuesday week, the day after my due date!
  • Avoiding Raspberry Leaf tea and too much walking so Periwinkle stays put for at least another week, so we can get to this wedding.
  • Missed out on snapping the buggy & car seat I wanted on ebay by £2 and 13 seconds!!! Couldn’t believe it. It was my first ever auction on ebay, so I’ve a lot to learn about how it works. I’m bidding on another one, but this time the auction closes on Friday evening and we’ll be in Cork i.e. away from any computer access. [Cue: Muttley type mumbling from me…]
  • Also missed out on Boppy pillow by $.50 and 30 seconds, but this time I was in the auction for the research – there’s plenty more Boppys in the sea, I mean, ebay…
  • On the positive-action side DD & I organised Periwinkles clothes & cot etc and I’ve made headway on buying nappies – Bum Genius (the nappies, not me!)

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