Updates all round…


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My invitation has to be iminent! As long as it comes while I’m still on maternity leave i.e. sometime in the next 10 months as I hear it sucks you in, timewise.

The Wedding:

We made it there and back without incident. DD did her job of flowergirl brilliantly, we were very proud of her. DS saw his first band and we reckon we know what he wants to be when he grows up. He may say Helicopter Pilot but we’re pretty sure shaven heads and guitars are in his future, even if it’s just his spare-time.

Baby purchases:

Turns out I saved a lot of money by missing out on those ebay auctions for my pushchair of choice. After searching for them second hand on google I managed to get one for only 100 stg (150Euro) which I then shipped from Nottingham for 70Euro. When it arrived it was in pristine condition – what a happy and lucky girl I am. I also finally won an auction on ebay though the price of shipping my boppy pillow from the states was 5 times the price of the item! I’ve also got my nappies – bumgenius from Aileen in Baby Innovations and, as I had such a cr@p day yesterday I did lots of online shopping for baby wipes (needed) breastfeeding tops (needed) and knitting books (not needed but wanted, for a long time!)

The Socks:

I cast-on and knit my first pair of socks! Huzzah! I got stuck on the entrelac for the snuggle I was knitting – still have to get back to that – so I was a bit stuck for a project to cast on. My stash is either still in hanks (searching for a ball-winder on ebay now!) or I didn’t have the right size needles or I hadn’t done the maths or I couldn’t print out the pattern. So in the end, after much wondering about the best sock pattern to start with I really had no choice but to do the cabled footies from One Skein in the Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Worsted (Lakeview). I was nearly finished the second sock too, when I went into labour – more about that below…

The Big WIP is an FO!!!

And not without a fair bit of drama too!  At 3 a.m. on the morning of Friday, 12th October, I began to feel twinges that gradually grew to something that I could no longer ignore. I dug out the TENS machine from the hospital bag in its permanent residence in the boot of our car & woke DH to strap it on. We timed the contractions and they were coming at infrequent intervals of 3 to 6 mins, but they were generally manageable – only needing the first or second level on the TENS. We rang the hospital and they suggested we come in so we rang the cousins up the road and let them know we’re were off! DH pottered around getting the breakfast table laid, making DD’s lunch and laying out clothes for the morning – all jobs that we’d made sure to do the night before, every other night that week! Meanwhile I was lying on the bed upstairs, calmly dealing with ever increasing contractions and wishing DH would get a move on!

Then, about 5 a.m., DS woke and wanted his breakfast – he never wakes this early! DH decided he might as well get him up and dressed and give him his breakfast before dropping him to the cousins house, rather than get cousin to come over and stay, as originally planned. At about 5:20 he came into me to help me get up out of bed when pop – there was a gush and my waters were suddenly all over the floor. [I never believed that scene in Sex & the City until now!] Then, though it was only afterwards we realised it, all hell started to break loose – my contractions started coming fast and furious and so much stronger. I realised there was no way I could sit in a car as DH drove to the hospital & I insisted he call an ambulance. I also insisted he got cousin to call round to pick up the kids. And just as well I did! Two minutes after cousin drove away with the kids the ambulance arrived. Five minutes after the ambulance drove away from our house Periwinkle, a baby boy, was born – just at the local train station!

The two ambulance attendants were a bit startled by the whole experience but whatever training they did came to the fore and they quickly got down to business when they realised there was no alternative. They’re not exactly mid-wives however and it’s just as well I previously had the experience of delivering DS because I had to dig deep into the recesses of my memory and remember the fantastic coaching I got from my two mid-wives on that occasion, just to know what to do. Thank my lucky stars there were no complications – too much watching ER & Grey’s for me. Periwinkle was wrapped in a “space blanket” and was laid on my chest for the rest of the drive (at breakneck speed) to the hospital. He was so alert & looking around, he seemed really in awe of this new world he’d found himself in, with all the sirens & flashing lights.

There was plenty of teasing when we arrived in the hospital that we’d all the hard work done and that I should get a refund. When they weighed him and told us he was 9lbs 12 oz I was so relieved that the whole thing was behind me – I had been dreading a day of labour and contractions & walking the ward. He’s 12 days old today and had his first weigh-in and he’s only 2 oz off his birth weight, which is not bad. He’s settling into a routine too and his big sister & brother just dote on him. This evening, as I (& DD – ish) we cooking dinner he sat in his bouncy chair and was delighted to be entertained by the pair of them. It’s lovely to see and to know that our little family is now complete. Because I’m never going through that again!


2 Responses to “Updates all round…”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Awww, he’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations.

  2. Sara Says:

    Wow, what an exciting entry into this world. He is adorable, congratulations!!

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