I’m soooo in!

I’m in! Ravelry, that is. Now, on top of my stash calling to me from my presses I have this other urge to go on line and spend ridiculous amounts of time uploading projects, browsing patterns to add to my queue, searching for people to call my friends and trawling for groups I can join. How great is this?

Also, I received a PM from the grand Dame of Cast-Ons, Helen Of Troy herself. I felt so honoured! And she’s so nice, so I get to call her a Ravelry friend to. Plus, would you believe, Brigid, the host for the 2nd wave Clapotis KAL shares her wedding anniversary with me. Or at least she and her husband got married on the same day as DH & I did, only on a different year and in a different continent. But how cool is that?

Roll on November issue of Magknits when I get to enter the designer hall of fame – can’t wait! I’m such a show-off.

I’m feeling all happy in my knitting at the moment so either I’ve cured myself of my Carpal Tunnel by sheer power of positive thinking or I’ve just excercised it away by knitting. However, the Exchequered scarf seems interminable at the moment. The original is five foot long! There’s no way I can keep it up for that length. At least I’m knitting it for my daughter so I think a significantly shorter scarf will suffice. On the plus side I can now purl as well as knit Continental. Now that I’ve managed that feat, it’s actually a good project for no-brainer knitting but I must cast-on something more instantly gratifying – Urchin it is! Just got to measure my head circumference (coz it’s probably got bigger with all of this) and I’m off. Completely out of queue of course but I’m Irish and we don’t know how!


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