Christmas comes early?

I picked up my package from Amazon in the post office today. Within there was:

Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Favourite Socks from Interweave Press and

Mason Dixon Knitting

I know, I was spoiling myself (I’ve also subscribed to Interweave Press & I’ve just order more yarn..) but I had a completely crap day the day I ordered these books and I needed some retail therapy. I’m chuffed with myself because the timing seems very good – just as my carpal tunnel has disappeared and my knitting mojo is getting back in the flow.

I have to say, I just love the way EZ writes. It’s like she’s the original blogger. I love her attitude to so many things too. I’m just nodding all the time. It’s perfect timing too as I’ve just read her chapter about how guage is so important and how to re-size items to fit the wearer properly. This is exactly what I need to do for the Chaos pullover I want to make for DS. I cast on a swatch last night – how good am I? so I’ll have to sit down with a ruler & calculator sometime over the weekend.

I’m regretting getting Mason Dixon Knitting however. If I’d seen it in the flesh I doubt I would have bought it. I’ve little interest in 101 things you can do with rectangles or garter stitch. I’m a bit beyond that. Also, though I like the way they put it, I’ve never thought of knitting for my house.

My Urchin is hibernating a little – all I have to do is graft the garter stitch, but I’m allowing myself be distracted by flickr and Ravelry rather than doing any knitting! Flickr is being a pain lately. Perhaps we’ve got a glitch in our memory card but I’m having trouble uploading my photos there. Which is annoying, because I spent an afternoon photographing all of the rest of my stash, old and more recent, and I can’t do anything with them.

The next cast-on for me will have to be mittens for DD, something double-knit to match her Exchequered scarf, which is also languishing. A deep cuff in brioche stitch – must dig out Weekend Knits and the instructions for the two-stranded tubular cast-on. Which reminds me, my infamous neckwarmer made it onto someones fav list in Ravelry! I’m tempted to post it to her!

Oooh! (I always manage to leave the biggest news til last) Magknits’ November issue has been published and Doh!-nut has made its debut. My knitwear designing career has been launched! I can finally put something up on the free patterns page, plus it’s given me the extra impetus to write out the pattern for That 70’s stole. While it hasn’t been getting rave reviews, feedback has been postive and it has been put in 9 queues already. I hope when people eventually cast-on they’ll appreciate it as something to learn a few new skills with, as I did.


One Response to “Christmas comes early?”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Congratulations on your pattern being published! Is that your husband and dog in the picture, they are both nice looking … 😉

    That is an excellent idea, I can see making a few of these for gifts, if not for this holiday/birthday season, next year – birthdays and holidays do come around every year!

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