Little and Often

That’s the recommendation regarding eating for women suffering from morning sickness and the advice given for the early days of breastfeeding. I think it should also be my strategy towards this Blog. I keep leaving it so long and then it becomes a long missive full of unconnected bits that few could make sense of let alone read. So. I have currently at least three topics I’d like to blog about but I’m going to leave them as drafts for separate posts for now.

The packages of my online shopping sprees continue to roll in – I’d say “poor postman” but I have to go and collect each of them & finding parking on the Main St here is no joke. Anyway, aside from some nursing tops & fleece liners I got this package of yumminess from The Irish Ewe a.k.a The Wooley Farm who is in the Irish Knitters Group on Ravelry & had offered group members free shipping. So, with Monkey socks & Potamus in mind I went looking for Shelridge Farm Soft-touch Ultra. Turns out she only had single skeins of the colours I thought I’d be interested in & (of course) you need two to make a pair of socks! So, instead of Monkeys & Potamuses I’ll have striped Jaywalkers in one of these colour combinations…

Crocus & Forest

Loganberry & Iris  

Crocus & Iris

More stash to enter into Ravelry


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