DS is already 3

Where did the last three years go to? Our cheeky monkey was three last Sunday. It’s just so lovely to see him grow into a little boy.

Anyway, since DD’s birthday in May he’s been obsessing about his Birthday Cake. It had to be the “Knights Castle” from the book of easy party cakes that I made DD’s pony stable out of. So last week, biting off more than I could chew, & working until the wee hours (allowing even my knitting to suffer) I produced this:

It was sooo worth just to see the thrilled look on his face.

He was not so thrilled about his new jumper, however: “too sparkly!” his word for spiky / scratchy. I’m hoping that it will soften up after being washed and tumble dried. But I’m very impressed with it & with myself!

Inspired by Elisabeth Zimmermann I worked out my guage & using her Percentage System re-sizing the original pattern to fit him was easy. I knit it in-the-round, as a yoked sweater with grafting for the underarms – so saved myself at least two nights of sewing seams. Technically, it isn’t really the Chaos sweater from Knitty anymore, it’s so heavily modified, but I still call it that because I like the rolling of the dice for the random cable pattern.

I’m looking forward to adapting more patterns in the future. I’m thinking I could make the Tomato into a nursing top fairly easily… Elizabeth Zimmermann is VERY empowering.


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