Heroes for Heroes

I finally organised myself to get presents for the two ambulance drivers who delivered the Earl at Rush Train Station. And yes, cliched as it is I bought them Heroes chocolates. Cheesy! Mmm but yummy chocolates none the less. However, I also got each of them a €30 “One-for-All” voucher, so not so lame-oh, me thinks.

Thing is, when I tried to go there to deliver them I could find the ambulance station, complete with ambulance plugged-in outside, (and what a delapidated building it is too – representative of the state of our health service) but not a sinner could be found within. One lone soul, wandering around outside, told me they were probably on a call. Hang on, without their ambulance? Or presumeably, they have more than one ambulance so that one can always be left charging. But then where are the ambulance drivers for that ambulance. It got me thinking how does it all work – after you dial 999 (or 211 as the number is now – I think)? Do they sit around the base waiting for a call? Obviously not. Do they wait at home for the call to jump into their cars, meet up at the station to grab their ambulance before going out on a call? Surely that would all take too much time. Or do they drive around all day in their ambulance in anticipation of a call – surely that’s not very cost-effective. Or perhaps, are they always on a call or dashing off to the next one, like a taxi-driver at pub closing-time in the week before Christmas?

Anyway, if anyone knows Gerry O’Sullivan or John Devereaux would you let them know there’s a box of chocolates waiting for them… They’re my heroes. Swoon!


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