The Behemoth

Reading The Knitter’s Almanac is such an inspiration! Really!! I actually want to unravel 1.68 kilometers (!!!) of yarn and start again – from scratch! And I’m excited to do it. I can’t wait…

How has this woman got under my skin and into my psyche so bad? Is it the way she talks to you? She has this no-nonsense tone that tells you “you can do it but only if you want to enough” Is it the way she makes you feel you’re back facing your favourite teacher, the one you always sought approval from, the one you tried to do better for. And she’s not going to tolerate you slacking off and messing! Get on with it or get out! And that’s enough exclamation marks from you, miss…

So here’s the plan Mrs EeeZee (easy! easy!) has helped me to concoct: I will do my own version of the Almanac and start with an Aran in January. But not just any Aran, oh-no! Only THE Aran, the one that broke my heart last August. It began life as 15 balls of Kilcarra in purple last May. Very quickly, I realised an error in my measuring – I used a favourite jumper of DH’s prior to purchase and then measured his chest prior to casting on – and a 16th ball had to purchased.

Seven balls travelled with us on holidays in Germany, where the back was almost entirely completed in two weeks. Then, of course, I realised that the balls of substitute yarn I was using had only 80m, whereas I had bought 16 of them thinking they had 88. 16 x 8 = 128, so I was a further 2 balls short. These were quickly purchased.

Then, starting to wise up, I did one of the sleeves before doing the second front, to better gauge whether or not yet more wool was needed. Sure enough, I was soon up to 20 balls of wool. Would you believe this 2oth ball ran out, just as I was completing the collar? Yup, you guessed it… yet another ball was needed just to sew it all up.

So two months of knitting, and 21 balls of 80m yarn (i.e. 1.68km) later, and already one week late for the 40th birthday present it was meant to be, I pinned in the zip and DH tried it on. When…




Disaster struck – it was a LOUSY fit…

 Note the “extra Ease” at the chest – we’re talking at least two sizes too big! And the not-so-great way it hangs on the back? Men have weird shapes, yes?

So, now that you have the back-story, cheer me on as I rip this back, take a shower with the hanks, ball them up and cast-on again. This time (ala EZ) I will cast-on based on my gauge (who needs a gauge hat when I’ve got a whole cardigan eh?) to give a good fit around the hip and proceed in-the-round, adding short rows to accommodate the strange way men are built in the back. Then, scariest of scaries, I will use steeks for the arms and for the zip. I think…

Yes, maybe I’m mad but I really can’t wait …

For January…


4 Responses to “The Behemoth”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Wow, you’re very brave to take that on a second time, but it is a beautiful sweater. Maybe just a tad too big 🙂

  2. Sado-Maso-kNit-stick « Under Me Oxter – coz that’s how I knit Says:

    […] we had the drive to Rip One / Knit One – and GlenvAaaargh!!! came into being. Rip One Knit […]

  3. undermeoxter Says:

    Congratulations, you’ve got to the end of the Treasure Hunt!
    Send me a pm on Ravelry with your answers (should be five in all) and don’t forget to include your guess for the tie-breaker.

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