… by a washcloth  

The other day I was flicking through my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting yet again, to try to figure out what I could do with it.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post I regretted buying it as I consider my skills to be a bit beyond rectangles of garter stitch and I’ve never felt the inclination to knit for my home. At the same time, I can’t think of anyone I could off-load it to either. Then, their washcloth pattern caught my eye & I decided that, at the very least, I should knit one thing from the book. These fit the bill in that they looked a bit more interesting plus the result would be a perfect addition to my Secret Pal package. Bonus: I had the perfect yarn in my stash – some Rowan Wool Cotton leftover from the jumper I did for my DD.

Long-tail cast on… no problem, except when the tail ran out. Ok, frog & start over with extra (ridiculously) long tail this time… no problem, except when I ran out of yarn few rounds from the end. Ok, frog and start over with two tone pattern this time… no problem until I realised that I’d missed a decrease several rows back – beyond tinking. Ok, deep breath and have a serious think about whether it’s worth frogging again as meanwhile time’s wasting on the Tuscany I’m trying to do for MIL for Christmas. Decided I couldn’t be beaten by a washcloth! After all – here’s me with aspirations of emulating Elizabeth Zimmermann in January, with plans of mastering steeking, and a published designer no less. And yet, I was being brought back to ground by this washcloth – serves me right. Biting the bullet I finally finished it and, by continuously counting the stitches, managed to complete a second without a hitch.

… by Mason-Dixon again!

The book wasn’t finished with me yet. One of it’s pages it blithely lists mistakes you will make as you learn to knit. I have done all of them except one: “You will knit in the wrong direction”. How could anyone do this? I wondered. Mid-row the yarn always comes from the first stitch on the right-hand needle. How could anyone pick up their knitting and start off in the wrong direction? Well, me for one! Back working on the Tuscany the other evening, after the humbling washcloth experience, I put my knitting down to deal with The Earl. When I picked it up again a few stitches had dropped off the needles. I sorted myself out and continued on and remembered a few stitches later that I had been working on a purl row previously. Obviously, when I put the stitches back on the needles I put the one with the working yarn on the wrong needle. Tail is now firmly between legs by now.

… and by tales of my potential death

I finally made contact with someone at the Lissenhall ambulance station, on my third attempt. In fact, I met one of the ambulance paramedics that delivered The Earl: Gerry O’Sullivan. He commented that if they hadn’t been “on station” that night, and thereby been able to reach us so quickly, it might have gone quite badly wrong for either me, The Earl, or both of us. I was quite taken aback to hear this. We’d taken the whole adventure in our stride and were quite oblivious to how dramatic it all was. We’ve been doing him & his colleague a dis-service up until now. What we had taken as apprehension about delivering babies was actually concern for our lives! I have to come to terms with the fact that we owe these two men so much – a box of chocs and a voucher don’t really cover it.

[Photo taken from front cover of current North County Leader showing Gerry O’Sullivan (back row, far left) & John Devereaux (back row, 2nd from right)]


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    Name the Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother of the “POTUS”

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