Confessions of an adultress

Yes! I’m sneaking around behind DH’s back. But it’s his fault anyway. He sprang it on me that he wanted socks for Christmas – he’s known for wearing mad, brightly-coloured socks (was even noted in my father’s wedding speech) and many of them have become worn through. He didn’t specify hand-knit but I decided I’d give “Back to Basics” from Knitty a go. So, instead of progressing the Tuscany shawl for his mother’s Christmas present I sneak out the socks while he’s not around. However, because I’m knitting for his mum he’s taken an interest in project managing me. The other day he asked had I got much knitting done that day. I said I’d done a bit, without clarifying what bit. I had to own up to knitting or he’d really wonder about the baskets (yes, plural) of unfolded laundry still lying about, especially as I’d earlier admitted that the Earl had a three hour nap that day. So, I’m not just lying to him, I’m cheating on his mother’s shawl with his socks. 

These are my first proper socks, like with actual sock yarn. First toe-ups too. Annoyingly, I only have bamboo dpns in 2.5mm needles so I didn’t get to do the magic cast-on & will have to seam or pick out the cast-on and graft. But I’m loving them so far. I love the way the colour changes in the yarn are making these subtle spirals. Socks are slow moving thought aren’t they. I can understand why so many people make sure to always have a sock on the needles. A sock with a long section of stocking stitch can be very handy to have in the pocket to snatch those sudden knitting moments. I’ve just got as far as starting the gusset on sock no. 1.

I’ve been doing more sneaking around too, with my Secret Pal package. I finally posted it off. Can I post a pic here? That wouldn’t give the game away, would it? Maybe just a really tiny one! Can’t wait for my secret pal to receive it & can’t wait to find out who my SP is…


One Response to “Confessions of an adultress”

  1. Averil Says:

    That´s funny cos I´m secretly knitting a scarf for my BF for Christmas and I´m finding it so difficult to find the time to do it. I have to keep inventing reasons for him to leave the apt so I can knit a few rows! Thankfully presents aren´t swapped til the 6th of jan here so it gives me a few more days!

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