Seven year itch?

It’s true. DH & I are seven years married this year. In fact, we share our anniversary with Bridget, whom I got to know through the Second Wave Clapotis KAL. Anyway, we hit a type of bermuda triangle this weekend – just about everything technological seemed to go “ka-put”. The washing machine was flashing lights at me, the tumble-dryer switched on a light that wouldn’t go off no matter what I did but best of all, the microwave has taken to going on fire! Some not so technological things have been falling apart too. DH peeled a carrot & when he went to pick up the peeler to put it in the dishwasher it came in two pieces – don’t know why it didn’t break when he was peeling! Today I’ve found another utensil, a kitchen knife, in two pieces in the kitchen. I figured out what was wrong with the washing machine & tumble dryer but not the microwave, peeler and knife. However, what I’ve realised is: they were all either wedding presents or stuff we bought when we moved in together seven years ago. Obviously, that’s the life expectancy of your average household good. Thankfully the marriage is proving more robust (touch wood…)

Over the past seven years we’ve probably already bought each other everything we need so recently we’ve taken to giving each other deeds instead of gifts. This year I’m asking for all the photos to be mounted on our staircase walls – a task that has been on our to-do list since we moved in 18 months ago. And for him, well I hope I get these socks done. I’m pretty certain that I’ve gone wrong on the first sock. When the pattern said keep going to 4.25 inches short of desired foot length I went with actual foot lenth. When I re-read the pre-amble it recommends working off a favourite sock, so you get negative ease, I guess. Bummer! I’m carrying on regardless. I haven’t time to frog. I’ll probably snip, rip & graft the two ends onto each other. Should I make the 2nd sock the same length as the first or the shorter length?

 Oh & I cast-off my Tuscany last night. Now I just have to find somewhere large enough to block it…

3 Responses to “Seven year itch?”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hmm… that’s a tough call. Personally I’d knit the second one the right length and then go and fix the first one. That way, if your schedule’s a bit tight, then you can at least present the finished pair with a little comment on just having to fix the one.

  2. undermeoxter Says:

    I think you’re right. Even if the first one turns out to be the right length I still only have one to fix. With my luck, especially when I’m knitting something for DH, it’s unlikely that the first sock is the right length lol!

  3. Extra! Extra! « Under Me Oxter – coz that’s how I knit Says:

    […] a pair because that first sock had taken a twice as long as I’d expected. Not to mention, the foot was an inch longer than it needed to […]

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