These socks are cursed

I only got one sock done in time for Christmas. I decided to wrap it and call it a prototype for the 12 pairs of socks I’m going to knit for DH next year. Yes, in a moment of weakness I opted for over-compensation and committed myself to twelve. pairs. !!! So help me… It turns out my fears about the length of the foot of sock 1 were correct. Still, DH was delighted with it and wore it all Christmas day. This means the yarn & stitches have become a bit “pressed” in places and makes it un-froggable, I suspect. There is an area in the centre (around the arch) where it’s less “used” looking so this is where I’ve ear-marked to carry out my surgery.

After hating the whole process of knitting with bamboo dpns on sock 1, I couldn’t wait for This is Knit to re-open after Christmas so I could get 2 circulars to use for sock 2. I was thrilled by the magic cast-on though was a little bummed that I had read the instructions when I was casting on the first sock – I could have used it with dpns. I assumed I couldn’t & didn’t even check. This second sock has progressed perfectly. It’s been such a relief to be able to knit in the open too. Any minor mistakes I made on sock 1 just didn’t arise. The gusset was a delight and late last night I began to turn the heal before I decided to call it a night – a thoroughly addictive pattern, that I’m in love with!

However, I began to notice that the periodic stretches of lighter colour weren’t forming a spiral the second time around. It made me wonder. Then, when it wouldn’t go away and start behaving like the first sock I began to worry so I pulled out the first sock. Nothing prepared me for just how different the two socks were turning out to be. Sock 2 is at least two inches smaller in circumference. If I were trying to make matching “his & hers” socks I was going about it the right way except I only have one skein – not enough to make a pair of each.

Argh! Argh! and Triple Argh!!!

Why is it everything I knit for DH goes so completely wrong, and in such majestic proportions? It’s like the reverse of the “boyfriend-sweater-curse”. In this case DH is my security & comfort in life and the knitting dumps me – from a height! The poor man. He’s so excited about getting hand-knitted socks. And he richly deserves some socks too – he’s currently freezing his cute butt off in -13C in Minneapolis. Now, if only I could find someone who could knit some for him… Twelve. pairs. to be precise!

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