Small Print Bites! – The Passport Saga Part III

The story so far: to be able to go on holidays for the last two weeks of March we needed new passports for me, DD, DS and The Earl. My application was a relatively straight-forward process: fill out a form, get some photographs, get a Garda to sign the form and certify the photographs and send the form and photos off with myold passport. For DD’s and DS’s applications DH & I had to sign these form and our signatures had to be witnessed by a member of a specific and limited list of professions who knew us but was not related to us. The Earl’s application was further complicated by the fact that we had failed to register him in time for him to be issued with his PPS number automatically so we had to do some extra leg-work for him. At this point I’ve got photos of everyone, applied for The Earl’s PPS number, got DH’s accountant to witness our signatures and I’m ready with my filled out forms to go to the Garda station to get the forms and photographs certified by a Garda.

I arrive, queue and wait for Garda to open the hatch… all the while I was on the phone trying to ring the number I was given by the PPS number clerk to find out my son’s new PPS no. In the end I gave up on that no. & went back to the number I’d been given to ring the office in the first place. Would you believe it? Not only did I get through (progress!) but I was actually given the number over the phone. Was I begining to get somewhere? Eh! No! The Garda wouldn’t sign my forms because I didn’t have my children with me. Fair enough. I turned away and he closed the hatch before I realised he could sign my form & The Earl’s form – we were both present and correct and I might as well get a head-start on our applications as they’re the ones whose photos I’m expecting to be rejected.

Okay, ring the bell and wait (again) for Garda to open the hatch… A different Garda this time (a BanGarda, though apparantly we’re not allowed to call them that anymore in the spirit of equality etc.) She said she couldn’t sign The Earl’s form because I needed his father to be present. Okay, the visions that immediately ran through my mind of making a family trip to the Garda station and of all five of us crammed into to the tiny lobby must have distracted my brain because the next thing I knew my mouth was engaged in contradiciting the Garda. “That’s not what the previous Garda told me!” The words hung in the air and must have reverberated around the room because “the previous Garda” stuck his head around the partition and (thankfully, mercifully) concurred. Thank Goodness! A few minutes later & I’m happily leaving the nearby Post Office relieved that I’ve sent off the first two applications.

The next day, I return to the Garda Station with my other two kids. Ring, … wait, … yet another Garda opens hatch, … explain again that No, I don’t need the father to be present as the Witness section has previously been filled out, … Garda signs forms and certifies photos while I try to make sure none of the children give him a reason to take them into care! Moments later (but it feels like an eternity) I’m again queuing in the Post Office with my next two applications. Up to the counter and the lady asks where are the Birth Certificates? What? She pulled out the detailed guidance notes that accompany the application forms. I’d actually underlined this bit but with all the running around I’d completely forgotten. She gave me one of the Postal Expess envelopes to put all the documentation into but because I was holding The Earl, to stop him from screaming the place down out of hunger, I asked her to put them in.

After a smoothie break for DD & DS and a quick feed of The Earl we drove home. I picked up the birth certificates and drove on to our local Post Office. I was determined to post them that day so help me! The lady took the envelope, took out the documents and asked where one of the passports was. What? Sure enough there was only one Passport now in the envelope. I went back to the car to search and, when I realised I’d lost it, I lost it! Right there, on the street, in front of DS, scaring him a bit – I’m not proud of myself.

Pile everyone back into the car, to re-trace our steps: back to where we had a smoothie, where we parked the car, where I fed The Earl. And – no sign, nothing. The only thing left to do was to wait until the first Post Office (in Swords) re-opened to see if the woman who’d “filled” the envelope had left one of the passports on her counter. Failing that it was back to the Garda station with DD (it was her passport that was missing) sometime after school & get  a Garda to fill out the additional section on the form for if you Passport has been lost of stolen. I’ll put you out of your misery now and tell you, even though I had to wait a whole weekend: they had the Passport in Swords Post Office – it was “handed in”. Yeah! right! The woman just never put it in the envelope. I ought to sue her for mental anguish! Okay, so it’s not her fault that I’ve been at this for two weeks and can’t read small print and can’t cope with stress, but still… I finally posted off all the applications and now I wait, with baited breath, for them to be returned any day now – stamped Invalid!

Anyway, thankfully I managed to enjoy the weekend – a lot. This was mainly due to being able to go to a class at This is Knit given by the amazing Aileen about knitting a top-down cardigan with set in sleeves. I’m all inspired to tackle The Behemoth again. Forget “in-the-round”. Forget steeks. I’ve seen the light and Barbara Walker’s method is the way to go. But first, a little swatch. Maybe even a tiny jacket for a teddy or The Earl. Just so I can establish if the half-stitch kick is going to play havoc with the cables when I’m working in the opposite direction from the provisional cast-on. And then it’s off to wade in the frog-pond and the several kilometers of yarn. Thank goodness I’m now the proud owner of a ball-winder. Still on the hunt for a swift.

I also got a lovely surprise when I took a bit of time out to catch up on some blogs the other day: I discovered that Bridget has nominated me for the “You Make My Day” Awards. The link I’ve included to her blog is the one where she lists mine with nine other very interesting blogs. I think I have to do the same now. I’m very new to Blogland and blogging so I’ll have to do some research and dedicate a separate post to this. I already know a few that I’d give it to, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already received this. Anyway, thank you Bridget for saying I make your day – you made my week!


3 Responses to “Small Print Bites! – The Passport Saga Part III”

  1. Bridget Says:

    You are quite welcome! 🙂

    Wow – you really *are* determined no matter what, to get the passports all in order! I don’t blame you, since March is just a week or so away, but I think I might have just given up and decided to stay home …

  2. undermeoxter Says:

    Thanks Bridget. Would you believe they all came back in order! I couldn’t believe it myself. I fully expected the photographs would be rejected or some “t” hadn’t been crossed. We can go on holidays in 1.5weeks time! On the down-side I’m stuck with the scowly-face photo on mine for the next 10 years.

  3. Kristina Says:

    Good news – I’ve been through the same saga recently in Canada… sigh.

    Great blog! I came here through your ravelry post. Will be back.

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