Go ahead! Make My Day!

As promised, my list of nominations for those who make my day, following from Bridget nominating me on her blog. I started drafting this post in February but didn’t get a chance to publish it before we went away on holidays (we had a lovely time, thanks!) and I’ve been trying to reduce my computer time since then – hence no blogging, neither reading or writing. However… DH is in the US this week so I’m using the computer like some people use chocolate. I’m comfort-faffing! I really should be getting to bed at a reasonable hour but I don’t. So… back to blogs-ville and my list of people who “make my day”:

Of Troy is a knitter of whom I am in awe. What she doesn’t know about socks isn’t worth knowing. Not only does she know (and can do) an enormous variety of cast-ons and bind-offs but she can compare and contrast the merits and de-merits of every single one. She’s also an inordinately prolific knitter. She doesn’t just make my day on a regular basis – she blows my mind!

Aileen is another knitter whose skills I admire. She is quite brilliant with a set of needles on a regular basis, always thinking of different ways to do a pattern. I’m jealous of how much knitting she gets done. Her personality shines through her blog and I love the captions she adds to her photos.

Lunasa or Yvonne as she’s know in RL. I was delighted to get the opportunity recently to meet her in the flesh (at a knitting class given by Aileen) after knowing her through cyberspace for a while. She’s a lovely, friendly and witty person and a damn fine knitter. I covet her Sable cardigan and her Monkeys. There’s an air of calm about her. I got to sit beside her during the class and the serenity rubbed off on me.

Heidi is another person I was thrilled to meet at the knitting class. She was also very warm and friendly. And she’s as talented as a photographer as she is as a knitter and designer. She had a very impressive cabled sweater on the needles that I hope makes it into the public realm soon. She also inspires me in how dedicated she is to her professional work. Maybe if I get to meet her again when I return to work after maternity leave so of that could rub off on me too.

Elana was at the class too (another fun and friendly person) and afterwards, looking at her blog, I clicked on a link for a friend of hers to discover I knew him about 18 (I don’t believe it!) years ago, when I was in college. Six degrees of separation or what? Elana also made my day by giving me some great tips on cooking for Vegans – I have a brother of this persuasion.

Kemberlee, Susan Cullen, Diane/Chicwithstix and I formed a committee to plan a knitters retreat in Ireland. How well the four of us, despite never meeting, have been able to communicate freely and frankly and get the plan together so smoothly is just amazing. I think Susan and Diane won’t be too jealous if I particularly highlight Kemberlee’s incredible knowledge of Ireland – she puts me to shame, but in a good way.

Of course there’s the afore-mentioned and totaly wonderful Bridget. I’m still in awe of her organising the Second wave Clapotis KAL, which is where I met and be-friended her. I love the way she writes. She always has something interesting and insightful to say.

Above all, though, I have to acknowledge Ravelry as the thing that makes my day – everyday. Addicted? Moi? It’s all about the people I’ve met and the banter I’ve shared, the things I’m learning, the books and yarn I’m buying (oops!). I’m gob-smacked that we’ve set up a Knit-night in Swords through Ravelry with Bootie (Caroline), Fezzik (Mary) and Clarabel (Claire) as regular attenders. I’m still amazed by the helpful and encouraging comments I get from complete strangers. I’m impressed by how intuitively the site works too – it’s as though it can read my mind (maybe it can…).

Anyway, you know what? It’s 1:30a.m. My alarm is set for five hours time. If only I’d actually get five hours sleep – The Earl often has other ideas! So while I know there are more people I should mention I’d better call it “a day”. Yawwwnnn Zzzzz…..


3 Responses to “Go ahead! Make My Day!”

  1. Lunasa Says:

    Serene? You should see me these days. The calmness has gone out the window. Any chance you can send some back this way? Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. helen (of troy) Says:

    WOW! you just made my day!

    I was lucky enough to learn to knit when knitting was more common (there were LYS’s in every urban neighborhood–thousands in NYC!)

    and there were knitters enough to support all those store!
    i learned to knit, and grew up in a knitting rich community, and i am very happy to be living now, when there is a new (on-line) knitting rich community..(just when i’ve come as age as a wise old knitter!)

  3. Heidirific Says:

    Ah, thanks! It was lovely to meet you, too. Hopefully we will cross paths again before I move back to the U.S. the end of May.

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