Losses and Gains

So I’ve finally aquired a swift! The wonderful DH gave me one for my birthday (which is at the end of February – I’ve been such a slacker-blogger). It’s an Ashford. He ordered it online from somewhere in England (oops, I don’t have any details, sorry). He asked whoever he was dealing with what else is a must-have for your average knitter and was told (and thereby, sold) a niddy-noddy. I think they took advantage of him there. While I’ve heard of a niddy-noddy I had no idea what it looked like or what it was for and I was surviving very well without one. Anyway, now that I have one I’ve made use of it – as you’ll see below. I also got “The Friday Night Knitting Club” which has to be one of the worst books I’ve ever had to read. I say “had to” because I felt honour-bound to finish it, despite knowing it was crud from the first page. I won’t let on to DH.

Here’s the swift in action – holding a hank of Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk which I’ve balled up in order to swatch it as a test-drive for a cardigan my mother is commissioning from me. I sent her photos of a few options based on vague hand-wavings she made indicating something asymetrical and she opted for Montparnasse by Berroco. I’ve since heard not-great-things about this pattern so I might just customise something top-downy and make look a bit Montparnasse-y.

Remember these –  The Cursed Socks?

Well this is what they look like now… I made the Back to Basics pattern again with my LL Mount Creek I bought in This is Knit so decided to frog my first attempt and free-cycle the yarn. I love the way the pooling striping worked out in the Mount Creek (see below) . I wasn’t expecting anything like it from looking at the hank – it all looked dark green with flashes of pink but the pinks and puples all merged and outshone the darker hues. Really zing-y.

Sadly, I have a tale of knitting woe to report. I brought a baby blanket I was working on with me on holidays and finished it just before we came home. It was a bit too big, over-drapey and shapeless but it was something I had designed myself so I was quite forgiving of it’s “experimental” appearance. I was looking forward to getting it home and trying to felt it to see if that would help. Unfortunately, when we were boarding our flight home, I left it in the basket under the buggy when I handed the buggy over to airline staff at the gate. I realised my mistake as soon as I sat into my seat. Sure enough, the blanket never made it to the baggage carosel when we arrived in Dublin. It is lost in the hidden recesses of some Aeroplane’s hold – doomed to languish in dank darkness, never to be fondled again by caring hands or to snuggle soft baby skin. I try not to think about it… 

The really sad thing is that I regret more that I never photographed it when it was finished.



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