A who’s who of Irish Knitters?

So I made it to the WWKiP event in Dublin last Saturday. To give DH free reign to tackle his paving WiP, I took all three terrors kids with me. I opted for my toe-up socks as my WiP in the end too – not that it mattered as I only managed to do a round here and there in between nappy-changes, baby-feeding and trips to the bushes with DS who insisted he needed to “go” NOW! (which of course he didn’t, when faced with “going” somewhere other than an actual loo…)

There was a great turn-out of knitters. As a bonus, there was a brass band seranading us from the bandstand nearby. I thought I’d recognise more people. I’ve been talking to all these knitters so often and in so much detail over the past eight months that I felt I actually knew them. It was disconcerting to realise that I didn’t recognise anyone I hadn’t physically met before, even those who have pictures of themselves as their avatars.

I let DD loose with the camera at one point. Here’s some of the photos (the not-so-blurred ones) that she came back with. If you recognise yourself here please let me know in the comments below. If you want me to take your photo down let me know by email – it’s no problem and I apologise in advance for not obtaining your permission. Rest assured: I reckon my readership is max five people and you probably already know them!

 a  b  c

 a  b  c

 a  b  c

 a  b  c

  • Row 1: a) Worstedknit; b) Jellyknits; c) Lunasa
  • Row 2: a) LisaThisIsKnit; b) Rosknit; c) ?;
  • Row 3: a) Nethna, BoladeBerlin & Tigerseye; b) ?; c) ?;
  • Row 4: a) Iontach & Gwendola; b) ?; c) ?;

There’s one or two more on my flickr page

DD also chased this Bride and Groom, like they were celebrities and she was a member of the tabloid paprazzi (note to self – do more to encourage her wish to become a Vet!). She also took shots Public Servants in action – perhaps she was being inspired by her hero, David Attenborough, to study Endangered Species (she complains that he wouldn’t stay still for her to photograph him!).



4 Responses to “A who’s who of Irish Knitters?”

  1. Aileen Says:

    Pity I missed you! Good snaps! Doesn’t Row 4 (c) look like Stephanie Japel?!

  2. Lunasa Says:

    I think 2c is MweaG on Ravelry. That’s some cheezy grin on my face. I have to learn to control that 🙂

  3. tigerseye Says:

    3a features (if my memory for names holds up!) Nethna and Boladeberlin, with the bare shoulder in the corner belonging to me.
    In 4b I’ve given up and put my jacket on, and the young couple knitting (him) and crochetting (her) are Americans living in Dublin but not yet on Ravelry, althought Jellyknits did give them the details, so you’d never know!
    Well done to your daughter for the photos!

  4. Lindy Says:

    a. in the bottom row is Iontach (in sunglasses), girl in pink scarf is Gwendola,(my daughter) girl between them is Niccola her friend … a convert to knitting due to enthusiastic missionary work by Gwendola! And, yes, the large lady in a blue Cinxia is me, Rosknit.


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