A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

What was I thinking? Yesterday, while musing with DD about next week being the last week of her first year of school I realised I needed to get a present for her teacher. Quite out of blue, I suggested that I could knit her a scarf. DD was thrilled at the notion. We were soon carried away by the whole idea and quickly two skeins of Noro and my recently acquired copy of “Modular Knitting” by Iris Schreier were produced. Oh yes – I could learn how to make the multi-directional scarf… Or should I used my three skeins of Debbie Bliss SoHo and make another “My So-called Scarf”? Oooh, which would be the more enjoyable project???


My poor DH’s socks – they were all forgotten and abandonned in the excitement. Did I spare a thought for my Christmas promise to DH or the nine days left in June to get the current pair finished? It was much later, and with a pang of regret and guilt, that I remembered my Sock-a-Month 5 KAL and how I have jeopardised my chances at a credit for June. How fickle is the knitter’s spirit? The alure of a shiny new project, along with the new knitting method I would learn, had turned my head. And so easily too, quite shocking.

Well, there’s no sense shutting the stable door now the horse has bolted. I’ve promised a certain little girl a knitted scarf for her teacher and those large blue eyes can not be let down. I know exactly what got me into this pickle: day-dreaming about said teacher’s collection of cropped knitted jackets and cardigans that I’ve been admiring all year. Someone with such a taste for knitwear would surely appreciate a hand-knit scarf? Hubris… ?


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