Choosey Tuesday

In a continued attempt at (possibly) having some recurring features today I will endeavour to delve into my queue to assess the next pattern that should be promoted to WiP status, and – more importantly – why.

First up, we have two skeins of Bamboo from SWTC.

SWTC - Bamboo

I bought these in This is Knit with my sister in mind – she likes these shades of green, or at least… she did last year. For a long time I had an idea of knitting her a clapotis. She’s a knitter, but not really into the whole Internet / Blogging / Knitty side of things (and I tend to play-down how much I’m involved in that side of things, for fear of revealing to her just how nuts I really am). So, admiring my clapotis, she was quite taken with the idea of dropping stitches to create the fabric. However, the other day (after our last knit-night, in fact, when Caroline, the Blogfree Bootie, was thinking of casting on for some lace with some beautiful saphire coloured merino) I wondered about upping-the-ante a little (okay, more than a little) and working on Jeanie from Knitty instead. Caroline & I have agreed on another mini-kal – she’s thinking of Juno Regina, also from Knitty.

Thing is, my sister’s birthday is in the middle of August so I’d want to get cracking now. On the other hand, last year she got a knitted poncho and bag from me (one of my first blog posts) so maybe I’ve done “the knitted green thing” to death already.

Today, to get me out of jail on my SAM 5 KAL (due to getting distracted with some snazzy gift-knitting and technique-aquiring in June), I completed my Stew-pot socks. These socks were double-knit tubes with after-thought heels that almost got me out of jail February – they were nearly knit in one day, but not quite.

 Just one snipAngular ankles

Pick up sts

Up close they’re quite embarrasing looking but I learned a lot from them and I’m keen to try an after-thought heel again – only properly this time, following instructions and not just winging it, for a change. I’m thinking of the Up-down Sprial Socks from Favorite Sock with my single skeins of Shelridge Farm Soft-Touch Heather and Ultra in Crocus and Forest, respecitively.

Shelridge Farm - Soft Touch Ultra & Heather

In the meantime, I must bear in mind that I have plans for a certain secret project which has a deadline of the begining of September – which really means it needs to be knit by early August. I hate knitting to a deadline. Let’s go back up and drool over that bamboo some more, to cheer me up…


One Response to “Choosey Tuesday”

  1. Lunasa Says:

    Two beautiful shawls you’ve picked, they’re both in my queue already 🙂

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