Monday Yarn-nom

Boy do I have some goodies to show you!… I picked up a parcel from the Post Office today and inside there was… five skeins of undyed Suri Alpaca and three skeins each of CHO’7 by Bergere de France in blue and wine. Mmmm….


My camera is out of charge and doesn’t seem to want to recognise the fact that it’s sitting in its cable, which is plugged in. So… Attractive as it is to claim I have a good excuse (and believe me, I was all set to) for not posting a yarn-nom today (which, let’s face it, would be the death-knell for this being a “regular” feature) I’ll plumb the depths of my yarn stash and come up with something previously photographed that I don’t believe I’ve shown you before.

To start with some Jitterbug from Collinette, which I selected because I thought it might make a good Pomatomus (from

I’ve developed a bit of thing for picking up skeins to make Pomatomus from. This skein of Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch didn’t make it.

It became my toe-up version of Undulating Rib Socks from Favorite Socks instead. 

However, this – I believe – is the definitive skein of yarn that is destined for Pomatomus-greatness. In fact, it was hand dyed, by me, with that exact pattern in mind. I wasn’t kidding about being a tad obsessed with getting the perfect skein for the pattern.


2 Responses to “Monday Yarn-nom”

  1. Averil Says:

    Wow that is obsession!! It´s funny I was just reading about CHO´7 yesterday. You´ll have to review it for us. Any plans for that?

  2. undermeoxter Says:

    Maybe I’ll use the blue to do Pomatomus??? Okay, so I’m kidding.

    I’ve developed this even-worse obsession of buying yarn with no particular project in mind 😉 I got the CHO’7 because I was buying EZ’s Knitting Glossary DVD from P2tog on ebay. That makes sense, eh… doesn’t it? Mainly I got them because they’re solid colours. I kept buying variagated or striped sock yarn and then couldn’t do lacey or cabled patterns. Will review anon…

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