Lies, Damn Lies and Mis-nomers

This blog has been operating under false pretences. It has been doing this for over nine months now. For starters the mention of “Pregnancy” in the tag-line hasn’t been relevant since October 2007. What’s more, I have an absolute conviction that it should never be relevant to me again! Let’s face it – considering how quickly The Earl arrived I’d have to set up camp in the car-park of the maternity hospital for a month before my due date. So… No! Not happening. Ever. Again.

So I’ve edited out Pregnancy from the tag-line and replaced it with Parenting. However, that’s not the end of my deceit. Truth is: I no knit with my sticks tucked Under Me Oxter – shock/horror! Because I rarely knit with sticks anymore. Shortly after setting up this blog (for no better reason than I thought UnderMeOxter would be a cool name, it’s not like I had anything useful to say) I got drawn into the world of Elizabeth Zimmerman and Knitting in the Round. So it’s been circular needles and magic loop all-the-way for me since then. It’s not so easy to rectify the title of my blog. It’s also not so easy to go back to tucking needles under my oxter. Hence the mis-nomer. Please forgive me.

If you want an example of “Lies” I’d refer you to one of our last missives from DD’s School Principal. We were advised that they had made “a slight change to the school uniform”. The emphasis of writing the word “slight” in bold and underlining it was hers not mine and that’s what annoyed me so much. The letter goes on to describe the change – the white piping on the navy tracksuits would change to blue. That does indeed sound very slight, so slight you’d wonder why they’d bother. However, the letter goes on to clarify that this change not only means a new tracksuit top and bottom must be purchased but white polo-shirts may no longer be used, they must be blue to match. So “slight” actually means “complete”. I hadn’t realised that writing something in bold and underlining it inverts its meaning.

For an example of Damn Lies we need look no further than any discussion on the Lisbon Treaty and the ill-fated, ill-conceived Referendum. I should probably say no more for fear of blurting things like “President Sarkozy is a good listener” and get myself in a slight bit of trouble.


One Response to “Lies, Damn Lies and Mis-nomers”

  1. Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns Says:

    Moved to circulars meself a while back, and couldn’t think of using straights now.

    Don’t get me started either on officialese or indeed politics… No, no, no. Let’s keep all that out of knitting. That’s why we come over here, to get away from it!

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