Somehow I’ve become Vice-Captain for Team Ireland Ravelympics. At the very least this should mean I’m taking part, shouldn’t it? To do so I need to sign up by tomorrow, 6th August.

What to knit, what to knit???

I thought about signing up for WIP Wrestling and get cracking with DH’s cardigan again but there was the (not-so) slight issue of frogging The Behemoth and thereby having the yarn to continue. Didn’t happen. Of course there’s always socks to fall back on? The question now is…

What socks to knit, what socks to knit???

I wondered about Rainbow Socks in Regia Canyon Colour for a while. Then I read the instructions and decided against back-and-forth knitting.

WIP Wrestling with wibbing

Araucania Ranco Multi for Monkeys

Getting carried away with knitting socks for me for a change I wondered about Monkeys in my Arauncania Ranco Multi. Or even these crazy Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi that Mary (a.k.a. Fezzik on Rav) told me about. They look an absolute hoot.

Then GUILT set in. How can a frolic around knitting socks for myself when I’m still in deficit on my promise to knit a pair a month for DH? Nonchalantly, I opened the press where I keep my sock yarn (which is getting nicely depleted, I might add) and asked DH to choose. (I know, I’m abdicating my responsibilities to you, Dear Reader) He’s spotted the much maligned Diagonal Cross-Rib socks from Favorite Socks that I abandoned in April and, being a pragmatic sort, insisted I finish them. Looks like I’m WIP Wrestling after all.

WIP Wrestling with Wibbing

WIP Wrestling with Wibbing

This is going to be a big-ask to complete in 17 days. The cross rib stitch happens every seven stitches, every second row and it’s slooooooooow. On top of that I’m doing them one at a time, to try to get the stripes to match. Plus, I’m doing them top-down so there’ll be grafting when (if?) I get to the toe! These will be the first thing I’ve knit in ages that will be by-the-book. I deserve a medal just for putting them back on the needles, let alone finishing them. Have faith that I can make a dint in these this time…


3 Responses to “Choose-day”

  1. chicwithstix Says:

    the Ravelympics sounds like fun…I never got around to signing up. I knew that I would never get any project completed, just look at my WIPs in Ravelry…LOL

  2. Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns Says:

    B’god Dearbhla, tell you what you should do – sign up for Sock Madness next year. That’ll show you how soon you can knit a pair!

    I’ve only just signed up both for Ravelympics and for Team Ireland so hey, vice-Captain, good to be on board! Do we get pep talks on our team? Think we should have one before 1 pm tomorrow. I’ll create a poem for it if you like – along the lines of ‘once more into the breach dear friends’ or ‘there was a sound of Ravelry by night…’

    Jo (who doesn’t have the time either!)

  3. Sinéad Says:

    Ahoy there vice captian! How goes the wip wrestling? Those socks will be worth it, the colours are gorgeous.


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