Can’t blog, must knit!

Have you seen what Sinéad, our Team Captain, has been up to lately? Putting us all to shame Inspiring and motivating us to reach further, aspire higher, attain better, knit faster, she’s become a knitting machine lately (okay, not literally) – churning out three (and a half) FOs in the past ten days. She’s well on her way to earning her fourth medal long before the torch goes out on Sunday.

I feel compelled not to let the side down. This is a euphemism for “I’m doing my damned-est not to have egg all over my face next Sunday”. And it’s touch and go… Hence, I’m keeping the head down, knitting whenever I can and staying off-line (yes, except for now – I thought I should explain my absence).

So far it’s working. Over the weekend, I managed to complete one sock (bar a bit of Kitchener) and power on down the leg of the second sock. I’m on the gusset decreases now and here’s my plan-of-action from now until Sunday:

  • Wednesday p.m. – complete gussets (I’ve got a lot of laundry folding to catch up on so not so much knitting time available);
  • Thursday p.m. – half of the rest of the way on the foot;
  • Friday p.m. – I’m visiting my sister so I may only get an inch or two more done
  • Saturday – Hopefully, complete the foot up to the toe. We’re going on a train-trip to Dun Laoghaire to visit the Festival of World Cultures. DH wants to show the kids the Kite-flying and Samuri Warrior Swordsmanship demonstrations. (Just to be clear – that’s two different demos, on at two different times. Sword-weilding? not so kite-friendly, I imagine)
  • Sunday – complete the toe and graft-up both socks, weave ends. Then, breath a sigh of relief so huge it will be felt in China and may well quench the torch all by itself.

For someone who’s not blogging that’s quite enough from me!


2 Responses to “Can’t blog, must knit!”

  1. viola Says:

    There’s samurai swords at the festival in Dun Laoghaire? We’ll definitely be going then. I’m a sucker for anything Japanese, and himself is a sucker for anything involving swords!

    I have discovered I don’t knit well under pressure. My Ravelymics contribution is fast approaching zero… (still haven’t blocked the hat!)

  2. Sinéad Says:

    I am sitting at my pc and blushing… I may have 3 and a half FOs, but it’s quality over quantity. I bet your socks will be gorgeous! And, it’s a matter of time. I haven’t folded any laundry, hoovered, cooked or anything else domestic since the games began. That’s hubbys domain until I finish the toe of the sock, which I will hopefully get done this afternoon.
    Enjoy Dun Laoghaire!

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