I’m a winner!

You’re as relieved as I am, I’m sure, that I finished the April Socks on Sunday, just in time to cross the finish line for the Ravelympics. According to my Ravelry records I started the socks on March 23rd, so they only took five months! I’m not happy with my Kitchener stitch – it just confirms to me that, as Yazz always said “The only way is Up!”. DH is thrilled with them – they’ve had a few innings this week. Meanwhile, I’m still catching up on all the household chores that I put on hold.

My Model Husband

My Most august April Socks

Much to my delight, I discovered this evening that I’m a winner in other circles too. Bridget, a knitter I befriended when she hosted the Second Wave Clapotis KAL (around this time last year) recently had us guessing on her blog where was she on her holidays. Her hint of Gilligan’s Island struck a chord and, with the judicious use of Google and Wikipedia (I confess), I guessed Puerto Rico. I was right!


When my sister’s wedding anniversary became a Bank Holiday (with the creation of the May Bank Holiday a few years ago) I decided that whatever date DH & I chose for getting married it had to coincide with a Bank Holiday. DH’s sister got married the same year we did and she nabbed the August weekend. This is the convoluted reasoning behind us getting married at the end of October, eight years ago – bizarrely, on the same date as Bridget and her husband 22 years before us.  The added bonus (which I was aware of at the time – waaay too much forward planning) is that the October Bank Holiday weekend coincides with the Mid-term Break. Sooo, some year soon, I’m going to follow through on my decision to go to Puerto Rico to celebrate our anniversary some year – maybe our 10th? Sounds good to me.

Best get googling again…



2 Responses to “I’m a winner!”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Hurray! You finished your socks! And they’re lovely too. I be DH is thrilled with them.

  2. Blowing my own trumpet « Under Me Oxter - coz that’s how I knit Says:

    […] remember this lovely skein of yarn? And the heart-warming story of why I was given it? And the beautiful socks  it […]

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