Quid pro quo vs. Karma

On Friday afternoon I skived off work and headed into town on the Bus to join fellow knitters celebrate the Grand Opening of This Is Knit’s new Powerscourt Shop. I decided I had earned a half-day after putting in two months of solid, diligent work since my return from maternity leave. However, being a full-time working mother of three children such spontaneous treats take a bit of organising. On this occasion, DH agreed to take the car and pick up the kids from the crèche in the evening. So off I gambolled, pretty much guilt-free.

This isn’t the first time DH has aided and abetted my knitting obsession: at the end of August he minded all three kids for the weekend while I frolicked with fibre at Electric Picnic. And it won’t be the last: in only two weeks time he’ll do the same while I scurry off to our Knitting Retreat with 14 other fibre-freaks. I won’t say I don’t think twice about asking him to do these things for me (and my addiction). However, I don’t feel as guilty as I could because I never complain when he “abandons” me with the three kids for his week-long business trips.

I don’t see this as Quid pro quo, because I’m rubbish at keeping tally. I’m mildly conscious of there being a store of Brownie Points. Last year I made quite a number of deposits; this year I’m making some withdrawals. Generally, I tend to avoid making a “run on the bank” so that liquidity remains boyant. That’s enough topical talk! I’m more of a believer in Karma, than quid pro quo – what goes around, comes around; not something for something.

Quite often I’m on the receiving end. For example, a few weeks ago I brought some old clothes and toys to my local Vincent de Paul shop. While I was there I noticed a bag of yarn. Delving further I managed to ferret out all eight balls of this:

Charity Cache

Charity Cache

Patons “Stonewash Cotton Ribbon” – all for €3! I love the way the ball band says “The fashionable faded look” – maybe in the eighties? I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, perhaps some loose-lace, retro T-shirt next summer.

Now if the Cosmic Forces that control Karma are reading my blog, I’d like to recommend a few knitters for a healthy dollop. When I arrived at TIK2 lots of other knitters were there, knitting little hats for Innocent Smoothies BIG knit. Geraldine (aka Gerryberry on Rav) is leading the fray with over 60 hats already knitted. Go Gerry!

While I was there I got as far as I could go on my latest pair of socks (yup, October’s socks are underway; DH has named them Tornado Toes). Helen (aka HelenMc on Rav) suggested I get stuck into the hats too. TIK had little packs of yarn-ends dotted around the place, just for this purpose, but the only needles I had were my sock needles. When Tigerseye (a knitter I befriended at this year’s KIP) heard that I’d be facing a return bus journey sans knitting she leant me her set of 3.75mm DPNs – thanks Meg, you saved my sanity!

An extra-special dollop of Karma, with side order of Good Luck and Best Wishes sprinkled all over, to Lisa, Jacqui and Aileen as they open their Powerscourt branch of This Is Knit. Seeing is believing, but these three have to be the nicest, most helpful, most friendly people I’ve ever encountered in the retail business. They deserve every success. Naturally, I’ll do what I can to support them… ahem!