Oh Karma, where art thou?

 …Woke up this morning and my Karma was gone

Woe! Chirpy-chirpy, cheep-cheep! Chirpy-chirpy, cheep-cheep, chirp!

[All together now: ]

Where’s my Karma gone? Where’s my Karma gone?…

That’s not entirely acurate: it was last night and I’m not feeling too chirpy-chirpy about it.

Here’s a tip: don’t get cutesy with Karma. She doesn’t like it and she’ll bite your ass! I know this. I’ve grown up knowing not to mess with her for fear she’ll set her lap-dog “Murphy’s Law” on me. What was I thinking, getting all smug about my Brownie Points? sigh!

I’m making Cat Bordhi’s Coriolis Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I noticed I had forgotten one increase a few rows back. I could have fudged it, and probably should have, but I decided to rip back and make good. On the bus into This Is Knit on Friday afternoon I fearlessly ripped and knit-on. At the Grand Opening, as I mentioned in my previous post, I realised I had finished my arch increases and couldn’t proceed until I got home to my book again.

Unfortunately, when I did check the book I realised I’d gone too far, increasing to 118 sts rather than 114 sts needed. At DD’s Swimming lesson on Saturday morning I ripped back and set myself right again – all the while entertaining a curious and intrepid 11 month old.

At some point on Saturday Karma snuck off for a skite behind the bikeshed and took Reason with her. Meanwhile, I convinced myself that I’d mis-remembered what gauge I was meant to be working to and decided that I was only meant to have 108 sts. Dutifully, I ripped once more and knit-on; not stopping until I’d turned the heel. Did I check first to count how many stitches I had around the foot? No-no! That would have been reasonable!

The result? A sock that’s an inch too short for DH’s foot and an inch too wide for mine! 

Thundering Typhoons! 
Thundering Typhoons!

The Murphy’s Law bit? I have two days of travelling into town on the train – I need to get this WiP, and my Knitting Karma, back on track.

One Response to “Oh Karma, where art thou?”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Sadly, this is an all too familiar occurrence with me. I get myself all puffed up over something, and it’s my downfall. If only I would learn …

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