She’s Outrageous, She Screams and She Bawls!*

“…Jean-Jeanie! Let yourself Go!”  

 … Away? 

…to the Frog Pond?- and quickly too, you Fug!

Love Jeanie stacks?**

**(with apologies to David Bowie – these are what I think the lyrics are!)

 Yes, the pattern is tough but fascinating and therefore I found it worthwhile to try it.


not in this yarn / colourway due to unfortunate pooling / striping that would better suit Harry Potter.

Make it stop!

Now!  …please?

Phew! That’s better.

*(Did you wonder from the Title if this post was about someone else?)


One Response to “She’s Outrageous, She Screams and She Bawls!*”

  1. heather Says:

    i have to say i never knew what pooling was until I saw your post. I think I had heard of it, but didn’t see how much it could really ruin a project.

    i guess that’s why the hand-dyed hand-spun stuff is so great!

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