The BIG Knit’s little Rewards

I was in a Topaz Service Station today and saw the little hats on the bottles of Innocent Smoothie for the first time. I picked out the nicest one of the six available:

To reward its knitter for getting involved in this fantastic endeavour for charity, I’ve decided I will to give a prize to whoever knit this hat.

How do you win?

  • Post a link here to your blog, flickr (or equivalent photo-sharing website) or Ravelry Project Page showing photographic evidence that this is the same hat.
  • It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of hats in the photo, as long as this hat can be easily identified.
  • Only the knitter wins this prize. You don’t win if you recognise the hat from someone else’s blog / Ravelry or Flickr account and post the link.
  • On the off-chance that there will be more than one knitter claiming this hat you will then be asked to give some details of the pattern / method you used.
  • If you’re the knitter but you didn’t take any photos before you sent your hats off, I’m sorry, but them’s the rulz!

And now… another little competition:

I knit two hats for the BIG knit (pathetic, I know but other projects’ deadlines loomed at the time). What’s more, I didn’t even use my own yarn or needles: The yarn was donated by the ever generous This Is Knit at the launch party for their new Powerscourt branch; the needles were donated by Tigerseye (a.k.a Meg) when I was stuck. I feel like I’ve given very little towards this in knitting terms so far.

Obviously, the guilt has set in. To get myself back to being Innocent (see what I did there?!), I want to encourage everyone to buy as many bottles of smoothie as possible. I will give a prize to whoever purchases the smoothies wearing my hats. And here are your only clues: 

  1. a picture of the yarns I used
  2. I only used one yarn in each hat

How to win the little Scavanger Hunt?

  • The first person to post a photo here (or link to photo-sharing account, you know the drill…) of one of my hats wins yarn!!! (I promise it will be a full unused skein – not the stuff in the photograph!).
  • You don’t win if you just spot a hat but don’t buy the bottle. Your photo should also show your receipt.
  • The owner of the blog or photo-sharing account is the winner. You don’t win if you post a link to someone else’s photo.
  • As I used my own design, I believe I will recognise my own hats. (I promise I will not deny one of my off-spring!)

So. Go hunt down those hats… Buy lots of Innocent Smoothies – they’re good for you (and good for my game!)


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