Do not adjust your set

Yes, these are all grey.

Last year, before my birthday in February, I suggested to my mother that I’d knit her something. My idea was that she could buy the wool and gift me pleasure of a knitting project. I would then give her the finished product, tailored to suit her size and shape and customised to her preferences as her birthday present (or part of it, since she’s already paid for it, essentially) in April.

She asked for a cardigan, something a-symmetrical, in grey. I bought her a cardigan’s worth of grey alpaca when we were on holiday in Italy last March, but it wasn’t the exact shade of grey she’d had in mind. I picked up the above skeins in This Is Knit when I went to check out their Powerscourt shop for the first time in early October. Of the four balls, she’s opted for the Lamb’s Pride. I’m very happy about that.

Of the four patterns I’ve shown her (Sunrise Circle Jacket, Tilted Duster, Montparnasse and one with an asymmetrical cable on the frontĀ panel) she’s opted for Montparnasse. I’m not so happy about that. I’ve heard that the pattern has dissappointed people with its length. I don’t like at all the way it’s been put together, either. I guess, being a process knitter, I’m reacting against so much knitting effort being expended into something that looks so unfinished. There isn’t the knitting-challenge in it that gives me the buzz I need. But… if that’s what the client wants sometimes you just have to go with it. It’s my own fault for presenting it as an option.

I just haven’t cast-on yet. Or bought the rest of the yarn. Or taken my mother’s measurements. Is it the resentment of the pattern? Or the thoughts of knitting in grey? Aaah! Procrastiknitting…

Or am I missing a Knitting Bug?

This little guy appeared on the counter after I’d taken the photo above. I don’t know if he came from the yarn, the bag or my house. I’ve never come accross a bug like it before, though. He was a fast little effer. Really tiny too, less than 1mm accross. Anyway, he’s dead now and, as a precaution, I’ve sealed up each of the grey balls in a separate zip-loc bag. It’s not the kind of bug I need.


One Response to “Do not adjust your set”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Well, I must agree with you – I’m not crazy about that pattern either … maybe she chose it because the picture on the website is grey? In any event, best of luck with it, at least you should make your mother very happy making it for her.

    I have no idea what kind of bug that is. But I think putting the yarn in separate ziploc bags is a good idea. Good luck, maybe he was just a bug on the razzle from outside or something!

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