I’m easily overwhelmed. And when I am, it’s like an avalanche. I take ages to dig my way back out. It’s March now and I’m still digging my way out of feeling overwhelmed last November. In a fit of enthusiasm and high-energy last November I suggested a Secret Pal Swap on the Irish Knitters Group and then felt duty-bound to follow through on by organising it. What I hadn’t counted on were the mini-dramas that arose – almost every evening – which that took my painfully-slow internet speed and me all evening to resolve.

While all my online-time was taken up, my list of unread blogs and emails mounted up. I like there to be five or six items in my Google reader or my inbox – that’s what I can cope with. Not… eh… 200! Even double-digit figures put me off. I don’t know where to start; so I don’t start; so the next night there’s even more. Plus, let’s not forget about the painfully-slow connection speeds – not exactly conducive to cutting things down to size. At lunch-time today I was covering phone-duty at work and decided to use the time (on my much faster work computer) to tackle my ridiculously-long blog list. I managed to knock it down from 200 to 150. In the process I feel like I’m catching up with all of you; catching up on what’s been going on in your lives.

You know, WIPs and Stash overwhelm me too. All these recent purchases, despite being lovely and delicious, they do contribute to ill-ease. You’re talking to someone who used to go to the Wool Shop – the Post Office on the lower Rathmines Road, beside the Church – only when the fit of knitting took me. I’d peruse the patterns and base my project-choice solely on the wool that was available. Ideally I’d go when the Postmistress was there and she would guide me through probable yarn substitutions. The concept of swatching was the same as the instructions for wiring a plug – something for other people to worry about. More often than not I’d go on a Saturday morning, when the Post Mistress was off-duty and an old man, whom I’d always assumed was her husband, was commandeering the shop for her. He had an interest in Heraldry. Not in Knitting or Yarn – Herladry. I had the same conversation with him several times. It went something like this:

Strange Man with Interest in Heraldy: Where are you from?

Me (perusing patterns for cropped cotton summer cardigans): Tipperary.

SMwIiH: Ah! Now is that North Riding or South Riding?

Me (distractedly): North Riding.

SMwIiH: Ah! And do you know what Riding means?

Me (politely): No, do tell…

SMwIiH: Well, it’s very strange really, because Riding actually means A Third, but in Tipperary there’s only two. Now in Yorkshire, they also have Ridings… (at which point my mind wanders as I begin to wonder how I can politely start perusing the yarn options again)

At some point SMwIiH asks my second name; is disappointed when he can’t find it in his great big book on Heraldy; and then asks my mother’s maiden name and is delighted when he can find it and invariably proceeds to give me the detailed description of the relevant coat-of-arms and a history of the name. This great big book on Heraldry didn’t have any pictures of the family crests; just convoluted descriptions for example: “Ex. Argent, a man’s heart gules, ensigned with a celestial crown or.” I suppose they read like knitting patterns; in that only those who are versed in it can understand what it all means.

I don’t think it was fear of encountering the SMwIiH that limited me to being a One-WIP-Wonder in those days; it was absence of Internet opportunities. I’m still the same gal I always was so now that Online shopping has allowed me to have enough yarn for 16 large garments (skirts or jumpers) and 20+ socks I am suffering a whole lot of Overwhelm-ed-ness.

Thankfully the trusty (blog-free) Bootie is on hand to help me through. After our recent indulgences in London she’s got Claire, herself and me committed to completing 4 (count-em) Four! WIPs before we’re allowed make anymore purchases. It’s like Lent for a Yarn-Addict. So, after I finish a little secret project – which will feature here within two weeks, I promise – I’m busting the following WIPs:

  • Top-down coat in Colinette Prism: my vertical guage is all off – I’ve got to measure, record and frog;
  • Humungous Urchin: my 2nd attempt at this pattern was so huge it can only be frogged before it takes over the world;
  • ISANDS Package: to my chagrin I haven’t posted this off – I just need to sew some buttons on the Baby Jacket for February & put it all in the post;
  • Face on my Mole: just a little bit of embroidery – it’s amazing what we procrastinate about!

Anyway, I better get on with these things as there’s a shipment for myself & Claire due to be delivered from Loop on Thursday – eh… oops!


4 Responses to “Overwhelmed”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by something, but you know you can always ask for help!
    I’m laughing at heraldry guy, so typically Irish.
    can’t wait to see your Wips completed!

  2. GaietyGirl Says:

    I think the only way to really keep up with blogs and knitting and the “bits and pieces” of life is to win the lotto and give up work. That and get an extra day in the week. Or give up sleeping/eating/showering…which ain’t gonna happen!

    How did London go then? Any piccies?
    Am still annoyed at myself that I couldn’t make it :/

  3. GaietyGirl Says:

    Oh…and speaking of not-keeping-up-ism in action…I see London went very well indeedy!

  4. Averil Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I keep enhancing my stash with all these beautiful yarns but I must be the slowest knitter in the land as I never seem to progress through any of it! My motto should be “needs to knit faster”!

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