They Say the Darn’dest Things!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while so most of these date from a few months ago. Then this question from DS#1 (aged 4) this morning reminded me:

DS#1 – Did Tyranasaurus-Rex evolve into Kangaroos?

I see where he’s coming from here: those huge hind legs and those short, stubby upper arms; but the mental image of a giant T-Rex hopping through the pre-historic undergrowth had me in convulsions.

So some of the other things they’ve come up with:

DD (aged 6) asked, as DH put a Kate Bush CD in the player, “Kate Bush, is she George Bush’s wife?”

Around the same time – the lead-up to the US Presidential Election –

DS was anticipating his fourth birthday party and told the minders in his crèche that we wouldn’t be having any music at his party; “We’ll be listening to Barak Obama on the radio instead”.

His minders told me this while jokingly trying to guage that we realised most three to four year olds would not be into that kind of party.

This next one requires a bit of a back-story (hopefully the fun of it still comes across): DH is atheist whereas I do my best to be a practicing Catholic; DD is aware of DH’s atheism and, being a Daddy’s girl, has more atheistic tendencies than your average six-year-old. This is something I’m very uneasy about; especially when it comes to Making-Your-Communion-Time in two years.

Anyway, recently we were all talking about Planets being named after Greek and Roman Gods. DH started into an explanation of how some religions had lots and lots of Gods whereas others had only one. Realising that a conversation about Astronomy was about to stray into that conversation again I suggested we talk about something else – I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Upon which DD leaned over to DS#1 and whispered “She still believes, don’t upset her”.

Leaving the best until last – though it’s quite out of season by now; it dates from just before last Christmas – DD, DS#1 & I were all saying rhyming words. We were on “Go – Low – Snow…” that kind of thing.

Me: Ho! Ho! Ho!

DS#1 (aged 4, remember): And a bottle of Rum!

What does he think of Santa?


3 Responses to “They Say the Darn’dest Things!”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Your kids are so funny! Although mine was the same about Barak Obama. It was Barak this, Barak that, and George Bush is rubbish and John McCain is just more of the same!
    (Too much watching American tv ads when on holidays for the election!)

  2. Bridget Says:

    These are great! If you tried to make this stuff up, you couldn’t.

  3. Sue Says:

    Don’t worry about DD too much just check her pockets for communion bread. I snuck some out of church to bring home to my self proclaimed “heathen” father once because he wondered what it would taste like. I’m not sure we ever told my Mom that storey. It may have had some affect on my Dad though since he has upgraded from heathen to agnostic.

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