Oops I Did It Again

Signed up for the Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon, that is.

I signed up last year but only got out to “train” once (which nearly killed me!) In reality, I just hadn’t the right frame-of-mind to take part last year. I found all sorts of excuses for not training and, in the end, convinced myself not to even try to walk it.

I really regretted it immediately afterwards: We went “en famille” into Dublin City Centre for the Docklands Maritime festival last year, on the June Bank Holiday Monday; calling in at This Is Knit’s stand as part of our perambulation of the Outdoor Market (anyone know if they’re doing the same this year – with all the training I’m a bit out of touch!). The atmsophere in town at the festival was carnival-esque and then I noticed the groups of medal-bedecked women milling around; all ebullient at what they had acheived by participating in the Mini-Marathon.

So this year I was determined not to let myself cop-out: I lined up two training-buddies – mothers of friends of my kids; I got out training at least once a week for the past 8 weeks (ish!); I’ve walked and jogged the distance (uphill, at times). I feel fit(ter) and ready for next Monday. As a bonus, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other two women and I’m sure we’ll continue our “regime” after the Mini-Marathon is over.

I’m running (I use this term loosely, to also cover jogging, walking, crawling and being rolled, if necessary!) the Mini-Marathon on behalf of Crumlin Medical Reseach Fund (CMRF) as I’ve a personal reason for feeling endebted to the Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. Five years ago my nephew needed open-heart surgery within a few days of being born. He’s now the healthiest, heartiest five-year-old you could imagine; with a cheeky grin and readiness for mischeif. The care he received when he was in Crumlin was second-to-none; the staff are awe-inspiring; incredibly 50% of the equipment was purchased using private donations. It’s shocking!

My sister vowed to run the Mini-Marathon for 20 years for the CMRF by way of thanks for her son’s life and well-being. I’m hoping that if I run a few of them too it will help her reach her goal. If you’d like to sponsor me for a few bob please click on the following link:

Thank you for reading and especially if you donated.


One Response to “Oops I Did It Again”

  1. chicwithstix Says:

    I have a special interest in paediatric cardiovascular surgery…both my father and I worked at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. We both have worked with a few of the Irish medical staff who trained at the HSC, and are now consultants at Crumlin.

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