I iz bustin’ ma WIPs here!

Back in March, while we were still recovering from the heady excesses of our yarn-spree in London, one of my fellow Knit-Knights (we meet in Swords, gettit?) threw down a gauntlet – no more yarn purchases until at least four WIPs were whipped into shape. It was just the call-to-arms I needed.

What was once an Urchin fit for a giant (pictured with my usual Urchin on top) …

I know I'm big headed but Srsly!

And what was once a top-down coat for the vertically-challenged – at least in terms of getting vertical guage:

Ready to join at underarms? - eh... I don't think so

Were both reduced back to the yarn-cakes from whence they came.

Aaahh! That's better

A once face-less Mole now gazes at the heavens…

"Bright Lights! Bright Lights!"

While those in Heaven too soon are remembered and honoured with an long-promised ISANDS package: 


I only knit two of the items in the package: EZ’s February Baby Sweater (in Mint) and the burial gown (in front). These languished for months – over a year in the case of the February Baby Sweater. All they needed was to have the ribbons or buttons sewn on. It’s amazing what we procrastinate about. It was such a relief to me when I finally posted this package off.

Having dualed valiantly and vanquished the deamon WIPs, I set off to claim my treasure, realising there was a flaw in our pact – a loop-hole, if you will (I am Irish after all – finding loop-holes is practically a national past-time!)

When we made our bargin we didn’t specify a correlation between the volume of WIPs completed and the new yarn purchased. We also didn’t put a limit on how many purchases we could make. So, ahem… having moved one small package out of my storage area I now have to find room for this:

Chirpy-chirpy Cheap! Cheap

Chirpy-chirpy Cheap! Cheap!

Yes, I succumbed to the cheap yarn in Aldi – to the tune of three jumper’s worth! And not Kid’s jumpers or cropped-cardis or shrugs- oh no! I was thinking a cabled jumper; a Fair-isle cardi; and something in crochet; so each jumper’s-worth of yarn is 1.5Kg worth. There was no yardage on the ball-band so I’m sure I’ve over estimated.

Ho hum… think I gotta bust-me some more WIPs.


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