WiP or Rip?

Thanks to my WIP-Busting I’m quite the one-wip-wonder these days. Doesn’t monogamy helps things grow? I have very few UFOs loitering about making a nuisance of themselves. Or maybe I’ve hidden them so well they don’t register on my conscious mind.

When we were at the I Knit shop during our trip last Feburary I discovered Debbie New and her mind-blowing book Unexpected Knitting. I hatched a plan with one of my Knitting-Knight buddies to return to London in September for the I Knit Weekender. I didn’t really care who or what else was also going to be at the show. That I was going to hear this woman speak about her knitting and her inspiration; and see her work “in the flesh”; was draw enough for me. I signed up for her work-shop on Ouroborus Knitting. I take my knitting with acid!

As it turned out, Alice Starmore was also there that weekend and I signed up for her work-shop on Fair Isle… and bought her book… and got her to sign my design notebook… and watched, with baited breath, as she cut a huge, long steek in a beautiful Fair Isle lap blanket she’d knit as a tube. Oh the heady-heights we reached that weekend!!!

After my work-shop on Ourobourus Knitting – my mind still “out-of-it” after what can only be described as the knitting equivalent of electro-shock-therapy – I cast on an Ourobourus of my own. I thought I could handle it. I thought I was ready. I thought: “I could do this in Fair Isle!” I even thought it would be cool to show Debbie New what I had done… <<cringe!!!>>

To Infinity... and beyond!

You’re looking at the “seam” accross the back – from underarm to underarm; which I cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast On. I increase at the white markers and decrease at the orange markers. (I’ve just realised that I mounted it upside-down for the photograph. This is why I need markers that expressly say “inc” and “dec”, see?) Thusly a jacket will grow as an elongated circle (more a lozenge shape, really) down my back, up over my sholders and around my arms. Trust me.

Now that I’ve “come down” I’m wracked with doubts. I know there are errors. I know it’s a learning piece. I know the errors will be part of the character of the finished piece. Right? Or do I rip it now and only cast-on again when I’m completely sober; when I’ve only been exposed to “sensible” knitting, like stocking-stitch tube socks?

WIP it? or RIP it?…

You decide…


2 Responses to “WiP or Rip?”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Fair play for tackling this project, I’m dying to see how it turns out. Colourwork is something I’m thinking of tackling too.

  2. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! « Under Me Oxter – coz that’s how I knit Says:

    […] hasn’t even made it to the list is “making progress on the Fair-Isle Ouroborus Cardigan“. Hmmmm… is that telling, I […]

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