Star Trek 5: The Hat of Kahn

It’s my son’s birthday today. He’s five. It’s such a lovely age. He’s riding the crest of the wave of childhood innocence and curiosity; he has not yet developed the “world-wary” cynicism of his sister who’s two & 1/2 years his senior. He’s also gaining independence and self-confidence daily; he suffers much less frustration than his pre-verbal brother who’s almost three years his junior. For him, being in the middle is juuuuuuust right!

As is the tradition now in our house I made him a birthday cake of his choice:

My husband said it looked like a hat and came up with film title “Star Trek 5: The Hat of Kahn”. I feigned umbrage for a while before reluctantly admitting that I had thought the same while I was making it. Still, my little Man-in-the-Middle loved it and was excited about showing to his pals in his after-school club at the crèche. And it was in keeping with a theme for many of his other presents. 


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