Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

I have a plan. A plan for my plot. A bit of plotting and planning for my plot with a plan. And it’s this:

Plot Development

Two years ago, in a burst of energy and exuberance in the Spring we sowed a lot of seeds. During the summer the energy was diverted elsewhere and the exuberance for gardening was… eh… not so much. Nothing was weeded, nothing got thinned. The convoluted carrots we produced looked incredible – should you manage to wrest them from the soil. They were woven together like knitted cables.

Last year, we got off to a better start. DH made raised beds. I drew up a planting scheme. We limited what we sowed to only a few crops and didn’t sow the whole blooming packet of seeds at once! We even weeded – occasionally! And we had harvests too – granted the birds and slugs were more successful than we were at harvesting.

Despite being more restrained to start with, and trying to stay on top of it during the year, it was all still a bit too much for me. I still have a lot to learn. It hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about having a thriving kitchen garden; one I can rely on for tasty, home-grown food through the different seasons.

So, to keep me on top of things, I’m setting up a series of blog posts listing what the book says we’ve to do each month; and schedule them to be published on the first day of each month. Hopefully, it will keep my enthusiasm going, knowing that others are watching to see how I get on.

December Jobs:

  • Plant Garlic;
  • Prune apple trees and soft-fruit bushes, and outdoor grape vines if it’s not too cold;
  • Dig over your plot, add plenty of well-rotted organic material, and cover beds to protect the soil;
  • Divide rhubarb;
  • Weed around fruit trees and bushes;
  • Spray fruit trees and bushes with a plant-oil based winter wash to help control pests;
  • Check apple trees for signs of canker

It’s lucky I only got the book the other day: boy, am I glad we’re starting in December? The book says it’s the quietest month of the year for sowing and planting. I’m not liking the sound of “digging over your plot”, however. I’m already thinking that all my weekends between now and New Year’s are booked!


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