To Dye For

It’s probably 18 months ago that I went to a dyeing workshop at This is Knit and I never posted about it.  The class was given by Elana (Elana on Ravelry) and Charlene and it was a blast; I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. I was joined by some lovely people taking the class: Geraldine (Gerryberry); Mara (she’s on Ravelry, but she couldn’t remember what her name is) and Mary (Fezzik) whom I also know from the Swords Knitting Group.

We started by practicing on two small hanks of Aran-weight wool. The dyes we used are Gaywool Dyes from Austrailia, supplied by Derryaun Crafts. There was a wide seleciton of colours to choose from. For my first effort I used Iceberg (light blue), then Tomato (red) and finally Mulberry (purple). I over-painted one dye on another, to get some interesting gradations. My second effort was Wattle (lime green) and Mulberry – zing!


We then graduated to our sock yarn. I decided that I would attempt to do something semi-solid, in honour of how I always buy madly variegated sock yarns but yearn to do heavily patterned socks. I find it’s the knitting equivalent of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”: the colour variations kill the pattern. I used Iceberg with Meadow (light green) and Lily (dark green). I’m not sure if I was successful from the point of view of semi-solid but I absolutely LOVE what I made. I’ve decided it’s destined to be Pomatomus.

I tried to make a Calorimetry with one of my practice hanks but was halfway through the ball after only eight rows or so. DD and DS have requested butterflies – I have no idea where this notion has come from. I also have no idea of how to knit a butterfly. I have an inkling of how I might crochet one. One of these days a chrysalis may form…


4 Responses to “To Dye For”

  1. Bridget Says:

    What beautiful combinations! I haven’t tried dyeing yet, mostly because I think I don’t need another hobby … 😉

    I’m so glad you are posting more frequently – I missed you when you weren’t. (Though admittedly, I could have sent e-mails … sigh.)

    • undermeoxter Says:

      My interest in dyeing stemmed from wanting to understand how the colours appear in the skein vs how they turn out knitted up. And I’ll know this… whenever I get around to knitting up what I’ve dyed!

  2. Averil Says:

    Drool! I just love the semi solid sock yarn. You’ll be giving the girls in the Dublin Dye Company a run for their money next! 🙂

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