Choose on Tuesday

Let’s talk about S.E.X., shall we? 

That’s Stash Enhancement Xpeditions to you and me, of course. In particular, my trip to Knit ‘nd Make in The Swan Centre, Rathmines, that I made with knitting friends, Claire and Caroline, last Saturday. [Aside: why are they bothering to drop the “a” in “Knit ‘nd Make”? What’s the point? Either be “Knit and Make” or “Knit ‘n’ Make”. I don’t get the reasoning for ‘nd. I thought I was the pedant!] 

Choices, choices

Knit 'nd Make, Rathmines

General Concensus: Good range of stock; managing to target a wide range of palettes and interests in a small space. Their shelves are only as deep as your average skein of yarn so they have full-height presses beside for additional stock. This means, a) less floor area has been taken up by shelving; and b) stock doesn’t get lost behind the balls to the front. Stitch in Beaumont – take note! There was no concensus about the ladies who served us. Claire and Caroline felt the lady who served me was short and not willing to engage whereas I just thought she was just being business-like and matter-of-fact. My guess is, we can’t expect to be greeted in the same way that Jacqui, Lisa or Elana might, every yarn shop we go into. 

Colour Choices for Hats

Why should you go there? If you are hankering after some King Cole or Cygnet or Balmoral or Tivoli or Sirdar  – and you live in the general vicinity – you should definately go there. They have classes too. 

Will we go again? There’s nothing madly “out-of-the-ordinary” here to drag us back from the other side of the City. So… eh… no. 

The Hopsack

The Hopsack, Rathmines

When I Googled “food, festive, Rathmines” I came across the website for The Hopsack – a health shop in The Swan Centre, Rathmines. Perusing their site I got the distinct impression that they were folk of the helpful-persuasion; so I used their comment form to ask them for recommendations for where we should eat lunch that Saturday – cheeky, I know! 

Well, they didn’t prove me wrong. Finn, of the Hopsack, came back with three suggestions – fair-play to him – and a request that I sign up to their newsletter or join them on Twitter or Facebook. Since I don’t “do” Twitter etc. I promised him I’d do one better and tell my readership – such as it is (BTW – that’s you guys, so you’d better be sitting straight and listening!!!) all about his shop and his kindness. 

A little Gift-bag-filler

After our SEX in Knit n’ Make we “swung by” The Hopsack – which is all the way around the other leg of the Centre – to thank Finn in person (and to ask directions for one of the places he’d suggested, truth be told!). Anyway, he was busy helping people in the shop – honestly, when does the man rest? So we contented ourselves with buying all-round us – for the second time that day – coughcoughcough  

I purchased the bottle of Rochester Organic Mulled Berry Punch you see photographed here. It’s a non-alcoholic drink of mulled fruit and spices. Sadly, I won’t get to consume it as I’m donating it to the Charity Sale-of-Work you keep hearing me mention (more about that tomorrow, I think). 

Can I just say, and I know that you’re expecting me to plug the shop, but still: this is a really good shop. It’s jam-packed with stuff but not in a cluttered/ clauster-phobic way. It’s bright and welcoming; but man! the range of stock is breath taking. The staff are really pleasant and helpful. The prices don’t take your breath away, and make you feel sicker than when you came in, like most Health Food Shops. I was very impressed. Even though there’s a Health Food shop near where I work I’d come back to The Hopsack again. Lucky they’re also online, eh? 

Okay, so if I’m talking about a Stash-Enhancement Xpedition I’ve got to have Yarn-Pron to show for it. Well… 


Blue or Purple?

I don’t know how I manage to do this to myself but this loot is all about different choices. For starters, the skein of blue and purple towards the front – King Cole Aero (in Blue) and Tivoli Celtic Aran (in Purple)  – were both chosen as possible yarns to finish the hat that surrounds them in the picture. But which one would be better? Or would I be better off ripping back and incorporating stipes of one or the other – or both – from the beginning? Or forgetting this WIP altogether? Considering I’d planned to donate this hat for the Craft Sale that’s happening at lunch-time today, the last plan seems the more likely. 

Pink or Blue?

The other two balls /skeins of yarn are each intended to make a hat as a gift for Christmas. The problem is, I’ll only have time for one of them. So… should I choose 

a) the Merino Blend Anti-tickle in pink for a lacy berret for a fellow knitter, who would appreciate the effort – and to whom I feel endebted because of her friendship and support through-out the past year? 


b) the New Zealand Print Classic in blends of green and blue for my Sister, who is also a fellow knitter, would appreciate the effort – and to whom I feel endebted because of her friendship and support through-out the past year? 

I’m not making this easy for you, am I?


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  1. diane Says:

    great review…

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