Tours on Thursday

Meet the Tour Guides

When I noticed this postcard the other day, I assumed it was a joke; like the “Rush Hour in Ireland” photo showing a road full of sheep.

But when I turned it over, I realised I was wrong!

Glasnevin Cemetery Daily Walking Tours

Taken from the back of the postcard:

Glasnevin Cemetery offers daily walking tours, (@ 2.30 p.m. for €5) which are lead by Historian Shane MacThomais and his team of experienced guides. The tour gives a valuable insight into this unique Victorian Cemetery and into the final resting place of the men and women who have helped shape Ireland’s past and present.

This historical tour takes in the graves of Daniel O’Connel, Maude Gonne McBride, Charles Stewart Parnell, James Larkin, Michael Collins, Brendan Behan (to name but a few) and places of architectural and cultural interest in the cemetery.

email tours[AT]glasnevintrust[DOT]ie or call +3531 82 6500

Meet the Ancestors

Online Genealogy Searches with

Taken from the back of the postcard:

Glasnevin Trust provides access to their extensive records, containg cemetery and crematoria information related to the Cemeteries at Glasnevin, Dardistown, Newlands Cross and Palmerstown.

They have a specialised team, constantly updateing the records available; Glasnevin Trust offers arguably the best resource to search your heritage and family history

I was surprised and impressed to know about the tours and the genealogy service. I’m hoping some of you might find this information useful.


2 Responses to “Tours on Thursday”

  1. Bridget Says:

    How incredibly cool! I love historical cemeteries, even though cemeteries in general creep me out.

    And I LOVE the photos!

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Well it’s just another excuse to come visit – eh?!?

      I haven’t been to Glasnevin Cemetery either. DH & I might make a family day of it for the tour some weekend soon; but not before it warms up around here. Brrrr!

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