F. O. on Friday

So how are you liking the frequency of posts around here these days? Who knew I had so much to say? It’s quite a change from earlier this year when it all went so quiet for months. One thing I was doing back then, instead of blogging, was knitting; and I’ve loads of F.O.s to show for it. I’m going to try to get back into the habit of showing one off every Friday, until I catch up. One of the earliest from this time is this pair of socks:

KPPPM Rib Fantastic Socks

I call them “Averil’s Socks” though they’re most definately made for me!!! I made them using two skeins of KPPPM that Averil sent me for my birthday. They were cast-on in late May 2009 and cast-off on 5th June, 2009 – a speedy knit. The yarn was a joy to knit with and I absolutely love wearing them. In fact, they’ve been worn and washed so often the colour has faded from the original blue-ish purple to a grey-ish blue. Still a beautiful colour, mind you. I’m wearing them right now! Thanks again, Averil. I must get to meet you, one of these days!

I enjoyed the pattern too, which is from “Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn” by Carol J. Sulcoski – she of the beautiful skein of luxury sock yarn for my Victory Socks. This is the only pattern I’ve knit from the book to date; but I’ve lots more in my pipeline.

New Star Shining Bright

So no-one wanted to hazard a guess on what I was making from Wednesday’s post?

It’s another Christmas Decoration. I made it using some KPPPM I had left over – hence “sock yarn, but I’m not making socks”. The colour shown here is more representative of the original socks, before they’d been washed a few times. I took the picture (in last Wednesday’s post) because I thought the view of the inside was so weird looking – I wondered what the rest of you would make of it.

So, it’s a Star – they twinkle don’t they, even if you don’t use beads? The pattern comes from Debbie New’s book “Unexpected Knitting”. That’s why it’s “New Christmas Fiddle-faddle but Easy” i.e. not from EZ’s Almanac. Like all the best Stars at Christmas-time, it’s currently on a journey. Fingers crossed it reaches its destination safely – it’s a gift from afar.


5 Responses to “F. O. on Friday”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Nice socks! I’m so glad you are back to posting, I really did miss you.

    Cute star (can stars be cute? oh well). BTW, I sent you a Christmas card today. Hopefully you’ll receive it by Easter.

  2. Averil Says:

    Oh they’re lovely! Well wear! and as for the star, I was convinced it was a top down hat but figured that was too “easy” so didn’t want to guess 🙂

    Really enjoying having you back, and who knows maybe 2010 is our year to meet!

    • DMaxi Says:

      I really hope so. There’s lots of opportunities presenting themselves with the various suggestions of weekend’s away: Knit-Nation in London; Stirling in August, Estonia whenever, sheep-shearing in the mid-lands in May – we’re spoiled for choice!

      I’m glad you like the socks. I’ve been meaning to debut them here for the longest time. It was just a joy to knit with Koigu – thanks again.

  3. DMaxi Says:

    Hang-on… I have to go moderate my own comment!
    I dunno – says a lot, I guess!

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