Sunday Miscellany

I have quite a collection for you today – all in one neat, themed, package though so not really such a Miscellany:


This is the package I assembled for my Down-stream Pal, Mairead (a.k.a. Fourboys on Ravelry), in the Irish Knitter’s Group annual swap. Kemberlee organised the swap this year and chose the theme “Seven Deadly Sins”. I’m looking forward to the next quiz game or table quiz I enter: if the question “List the Seven Deadly Sins” crops up I’m sorted. Anger, Desire, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth and Pride. 

I'll Sock you one!

Anger: a needle case in a passionate colour; plus shop-bought socks with a sheep-theme. Mairead has taken to knitting socks in the past year and there has to be nothing more maddening than when a non-knitter asks you why you’d bother when you can buy them in a shop for €5. 

Desire: Shower gel from Molton Brown; Mairead expressed an interest in Molton Brown and shower gel on her Elfster Wishlist. It was my desire to grant her desire. Plus, I had great fun shopping for this. I’d never been to the Molton Brown shop in town before. On the day I went I had my oldest two with me. They have a wash-hand basin in the shop, for customers to try out the testers. Nothing would do my two but to try every single one of the samples. Thankfully the staff were very patient and helpful.

Envy:  a book called “Calm”; this was a bit cheeky of me – Mairead has four sons ranging in age from seven to two. My guess isthat a bit of Calm might be something she’d be envious of, though I’m sure I’m doing her a disservice.

Greedy Stasher

Greed: a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Jay colourway, from my own stash; because I’m so greedy about my stash. Each skein of yarn I have represents potential knitting that I find it hard to give up on. However, having gone a bit OTT on the Molton Brown I had to get the budget back in shape. When I noticed that Mairead liked Colinette Jitterbug and kingfisher blues and greens I realised what I had to do.

Gluttony: box of Koko Milk Chocolates by Cadbury’s; I haven’t come across this type of chocolates before and they looked suitably luxurious. Mairead likes milk chocolate, which these are. I’ll have to get myself a box, I think. 

Sloth: set of stitch markers, dpn needle case, beaded row counter and plastic bodkins; as I told Mairead on the tag for this part, I had a wise-old boss once who always claimed that if you wanted to get something done in the most efficient way possible, ask a lazy person! If you want to be a truly lazy knitter you’ve got to organise your needles and get stitch-markers and row-counters to do your counting for you.

Proud Ma Baker

Pride: Soccer-themed bun-cases, DVD for the boys, edible Santa bun decorations, my knitted decorations; Mairead’s pride in her sons shines out of almost all that she does and says online. There’s nothing like a mother’s pride for her children. Just as there’s nothing like a baker’s pride in her goodies (i.e. Mairead) or knitters’ who have pride in their creations (me, for instance!).

I had great fun shopping for Mairead and compiling all her gifts into themes. Thankfully, she seems genuinely delightful. I love giving. I love receiving thanks in return.


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