FO on Friday = Nollaig

The Big Day has finally arrived!

Nollaig is not just the Irish word for Christmas. It is also the word for the whole month of December. Considering how December gets swallowed up in preparations for today, it’s entirely appropriate, isn’t it?

After all your hard work through-out this month – knitting, shopping, cooking, baking – in preparation for today, I hope you’re getting to put your feet up finally and do whatever it is you do to relax. And if that includes “Read my blog” then good on you! Raise a glass and cheer: “Here’s to lots-more-of-this in 2010!” (Don’t worry: I scheduled this post days ago! I’m relaxing and spending time with my family today)

Nollaig Shona dhaoibh go léir agus gach dea-ghui i 2010

The Knitted Crib you see in the photo was knitted by two members of staff in the Planning Department of the Local Authority I work for . They made it and donated it to be a prize in the Raffle for the Sale-of-Work Charity Fund-raiser earlier this month. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I didn’t win it – despite spending €10 on Raffle tickets – but the Librarian in my town did, so I’m sure I’ll get to see more of it. My guess is she’ll put it on display in our local Library the next time Nollaig comes around.


One Response to “FO on Friday = Nollaig”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Nollaig shona to you and yours! (I hope that is correct – I haven’t written that to anyone in about 10 years …)

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