Saturday’s Stash = U.S.A.

U.S.A. or Unexpected Stash Accumulation


Isn’t this yummy? I received it yesterday, as a present from my daughter (austensibly, at least!). DH picked it out in This Is Knit, using her strict instructions: dark puple & really nice. I don’t think she paid for it out of her savings either so – technically – I bought it for myself but isn’t this a much nicer way to go about acquiring stash?

Left to my own devices, I don’t know if I would have got this. I mean this in a good way: I’m too easily distracted by variagated yarns, which always look gorgeous in the skein but then pose such a problem when it comes to knitting them. This is a beautiful hue of semi-solid purple and I knew the minute I unwrapped it what it’s going to be. Early last year I had to throw out a shop-bought, cropped, wrap-cardigan because it had been worn to death. I threw it out, promising myself I’d replace it with a similar hand-knit. Did I? Did I, heck! Well, now I can. DH got me 4 skeins so I have 1200 yards – should be plenty. And a big “Thank You” to whoever it was in TIK that served DH – he tells me he made you dig the fourth skein out of your display. I’m glad he did & that you did – an extra 300yards makes all the difference.

I think this year – and possibly next year – our kids are at the optimal ages for Christmas. This year my daughter – off her own bat – decided she wanted to buy presents for her family with her savings. Last Saturday, this generosity of spirit produced some amazing consequences. It’s added such fun of the season to conive with her as she tries to hide the gifts and then later as she comandeers you, with all the subtlty of a starling, into another room to help her wrap them. “There’s nothing going on in here”. In addition, my eldest two are still completely steeped in Santa-lore, whereas The Earl is only beginning to become aware of “Ganka” – as he calls The Man in Red. Next year he’ll be a fully-fledged believer, whereas DD may have succumbed to skepticism by then. As long as she still has her beautifully spirit of generosity then Christmas will be safe.


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