Monday’s Musing – And the Winner is?


Congratulations to Bionic Laura ! Your parcel will be sent in the post to you later this week (as soon as I get your address!). I hope you enjoy this little windfall.

On second or third glance through the book I noticed a pattern or two that I thought I might like to try; so I have to admit that I took photocopies of two sock patterns before I posting it off. I don’t think that’s breaking copyright laws – considering I bought the book in the first place; the designer still gets royalties.

The Muse

It was great fun to have people participating in my little Bonanza. The contributions from Mairin, Sarah, Laura and Katalysis really put a smile on my face. It made me wonder what might have been, however, if other people – regular readers and sock-knitters to boot – had put in their entries (these are all written by me and I hope the subject each enjoys having her leg pulled a little!). 

Bridget’s haiku: 

Three kitties has she
To chase and chastise her yarn
As she knit 10 pairs

Sinead’s haiku:  

O Prodigal Sock
Left alone in a glovebox
Will you forgive me?

Helen (OfTroy)’s haiku: 

Oh Sensei*! I am
But a grasshopper to your
Vast Knitting knowledge

*Japanese word for teacher or mentor 

My head is in a Spin


And where would we be on a Monday without me being a little bemused, eh? 

This time, it’s the Elsica pattern again – in particular how it was printed in Yarn Forward. I finished mine on Christmas Day – a day late to give it to my sister for Christmas, however. I warned you I might have more comments to make about the pattern as I worked through the crown. Sure enough, it appears the chart for the crown has been printed with the legend over-laying it – such that you only get half of the information you need to complete the crown. Again, I’d blame those behind printing the magazine, rather than the designer. 

My recommendation is that you refer to the written instructions. They are pretty straight-forward. To help me keep count I broke the pattern into three sequences that repeated all the way around – I called them A, B and C. In the first round of decreases the decrease happens in all the A parts of the sequence; next round all the B parts, next round – C. The next round – no decreases at all, just to keep me on my toes. So, kind-of like a waltz, I was counting “A,2,3,4 and B,2,3,4,5 and C,2,3,4,5”.  Once I got my rythm going I didnt’ need the chart at all.

From reading Wooly Wormhead’s blog about her pattern, it seems the rights to the pattern revert from Yarn Forward to her in six months time. I reckon you’ll be safe going straight to the horse’s mouth, as it were, for the best version of the pattern when that happens. This is a really lovely pattern and a very enjoyable knit. It’s just a pity that the magazine couldn’t have been more careful about how they printed it.


8 Responses to “Monday’s Musing – And the Winner is?”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Well, even if it gave you fits, you certainly ended up knitting a pretty hat!

    “My” haiku made me laugh out loud!

  2. helen (of troy) Says:

    Oh thank you! I am just a vessel–filled to overflowing with the collected knowledge of my many teachers.

    teaching now, as i was taught.

  3. Bionic Laura Says:

    Oh that’s excellent news! Gives a lie to the fact that I never win anything. I’ve just started knitting socks again after a failed attempt a year ago so this book will be useful. Thanks for the great competition, it was lots of fun reading all the haiku.

  4. Katalysis Says:

    Well done Laura, and all the best with the socks.
    And Dmaxi, ta ever so for the fun contest.
    Happy New Year all…. 🙂

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Thanks for taking part. It was such fun for me too that I’ll have to come up with some other tenuous reason for a give-away again soon.
      Happy New Year to you down-under (and over to the left a bit!)

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