Tuesday’s Choosing – Tough one today

I decided when I had a ball-and-a-bit of Adriafil New Zealand Print left over after the Elsica hat that I could make a pair of mittens to match. Not only “I could” but “I should”. Since I’d missed the deadline of giving my sister her hat for Christmas, I thought it would be cute if I added to the hat with a pair of matching mittens before the next deadline – meeting her again on Saturday, 2nd January 2010. Being me, a week seemed feasible to make a pair up from scratch – without reference to a generic mittens pattern, or a swatch for that matter. I can see you’re already smacking your head saying “when will she learn?”. I’d love to know when I’ll start doing the same thing before I launch straight in, head-long.


It was the visiting MIL, mentioning casually “Are they not a bit wide? Or are you including for the thumb already?” that helped stop me in my tracks. I lied and said I was including the thumb, whereas in reality I had planned to put in spare yarn for an EZ thumb-trick – an afore-thought/ after-thought thumb.

What do you do when you’re up-against-it, time-wise? Ignore the inevitable and keep on going, or stop to change tack and hope to still save the day?

All credit to… swallowing your pride in front of the MIL but I’m opting for “Frog it and knit like the clappers for the next three days”!


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