Choosing Temptation

I love making lists. I guess you might have noticed. Making up a list is my first step towards getting things done. My next step is similar to many people’s approach to getting exercise, especially if their first step was to buy an exercise bike. We all know what happens to exercise bikes, don’t we? Yes, they gather dust  in the garage / spare room / under the stairs. Similarly, with my lists. The effort of making one is so great and so self-satisfying I blithely assume that somehow the stuff is getting done – by someone, somewhere!

Making lists is one thing. Sticking to them is quite another. Ignoring all the shiny distractions that have nothing to do with the list  – such as… oh… joining Sock-a-Month KAL 9 – takes much determination. I mean, you’d have to be bloody-minded and stubborn – to always stick to your guns like that.  Does that sound like me? Don’t answer that!

Should I stick to the list? Do I have the will-power to resist temptations? Such was the little debate I started with myself when I read Zonda’s blog and realised that invites were open for Sock-a-Month KAL 9, which runs from January until June 2010. And then I realised: what if the shiny distractions and the list can meld in some way? After all, I’m planning to complete my Adirondack Socks in February during Ravelympics. Plus I’ve a pair of socks that just need the legs done – they could be my January socks without impacting on my plan to complete GlenvarAgin. My planned projects in March, April and May are all small – for my kids or a cropped cardi for me. I might have a problem with June, though. It may not be feasible to knit a present each for two teachers in four weeks as well as a pair of socks.

Then Diane (a.k.a. Chicwithstix) posted on Ravelry that she’s setting up a Sock Club for the Dublin Knit Collective. You set your own goals for the year. That sounds more like my cup of tea. Let’s not forget, I want to knit DH two pairs of socks before his birthday in August. I’ve decided to aim for literally a sock a month i.e. 6 pairs. That’s do-able.

Of course, I’ve also sent an email to Zonda to see if I’m not too late to sign up for SAM9. Shiny-shiny!


6 Responses to “Choosing Temptation”

  1. Heather Says:

    Heya! Thanks for stopping by. I was looking at all your busy activity last week. The socks with all the holes: darn it! Darning isn’t so hard. My nana showed me, you’re just weaving. Nice if you have one of those darning thingy.

    Sorry I didn’t say ‘hi’- I feel so bad being out of touch. I haven’t done anything much creative… and when I am online, it’s loads of work and volunteer things. I got immersed in work, which is a *good* thing as I am in a much better place financially than I was over a year ago. But this year I need balance. 2009 was worky worky! 2010 has to be fun!

    My list includes a birthday list. I want to remember people’s birthdays this year. And hopefully be creative in the process.

    I gave up on the idea of selling crafts online. At the rate I work (back and forth) I’d end up with about 30¢ an hour- fuggeddabout it. Gifts = win!

    So now I must email you to get your birthdate.

    Happy New Year, I hope you get the time to tackle your list.

  2. Sinéad Says:

    I think I’m going to join Dianes sock club too. If only to get me going making socks. I only made 4 pairs last year. Shocking.

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Four pairs is good going, especially considering all the other knitting you did – an intarsia afghan, for instance!!
      I’ve a feeling I was about the same last year and they were mostly for me!! Mwhahaha!

  3. Averil Says:

    Ooh shiny! Off to check out Diane’s sock club.

    I def won’t be adding up my total of FOs as that would be too embarressing. I wonder if there’s a prize for the slowest knitter in the Ravelympics. I’d definitely win gold at that!

    Happy New Year!

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